We’ve all heard the old adage,

it takes money to make money.

But is it true? There’s probably some truth to it, but you can make money from scratch if you are willing to put in the elbow grease. Every fundraiser faces hurdles. We offer software for a fee, but you can sign up for Free with a demo. The starter fees, though far less than other fundraising sites, can be daunting to those who are starting from scratch with a $0 budget. Still, others, hate the thought of spending any money that could go toward their school’s needs. So, does it really take money to make money like the quote says?

No! You can start a simple fundraiser to raise the money you need to implement a stronger more cash abundant producing fundraiser. Below, we found simple ways to raise starter funds for your fundraising endeavors.

Simple Fundraiser Ideas (No Cash Needed)
Pet Wash for Charity
● Classroom Door or Home Welcome Wreaths (From Donated Items)
Penny Donations (From Loose Change)
Grams, Don’t use Candy- find a healthier snack option (Do a Sample, and wait for orders to complete the rest)
Pet Walk or Pet Sitting (Have a Training Session for Students)
● Marathon Event

Yes, you need some money to grow bigger funds.

Not everyone is into running marathons or walking five miles for charity. You can still do a Marathon Event. This is a great way to raise money with registration fees. Invite everyone in the community by advertising on community bulletin pages on Facebook, Craigslist, or a Local Newspaper. Building Contests are a lot of fun, and don’t involve unhealthy activities like eating in mass portions.

Have registrants sign up in teams of 2-10. They could be co-workers, scout groups, band members, or families. This is a fun team building experience too.

Gingerbread Houses
Snowman Building with Socks or Cotton Balls
● Ice Sculpting with Dry Ice
Sand Castles with a Fun Recipe
Cooking Contest

*Give each classroom a list of items to collect from friends and family or call local big box stores for item donations. For the prizes, request free passes to local museums.