No subscription fees. No paywalls. No catches.

Because the best auction technology should be within reach for charities of every size.

No matter which plan you choose, you start for free: you don't pay until you sell auction items.

Start for free
No Fee $297-$1500
Platform Fees
Platform fees cover some of our operating costs
5% 0% to 3%
Processing Fees
Industry-standard fee applied to credit card transactions
3% + $0.30 3% + $0.30
Donation Net Amount
Total amount you can expect to receive after fees based on a $100 donation
Guaranteed 92% to 100% Guaranteed 94% to 100%
Live Auction Features
Features with limited access include but are not limited to the text message credits, text keywords, and the number of auction attendees.
Restricted Access Unlimited Access
Number of Bidders
Unlimited Unlimited