Everyone loves winning coveted items at charity auctions. So why not offer entire baskets of amazing items?

Gift baskets are a fun, easy way to get multiple items from a variety of donors. You can center your baskets around any number of themes, depending on your audience. From foodies and sports fans, to travelers and self-care gurus…we have some gift basket ideas to get you started! Not only are they appealing to most bidders, but they can be used in silent auctions, live events, virtual events…the possibilities are endless.

Below, you will find some of our most popular gift basket ideas to date. We’ve sorted them by theme, for quick and easy item organization.


The Baker’s Basket Throw in a popular cookbook, some cooking utensils, baking mix, cookie cutters, and some specialty olive oil. Give your bidders everything they might need to make that Instagram-worthy dessert!
The Chocolate Lover’s Basket …because, chocolate! Have an assortment of gourmet chocolates, chocolate liqueurs, chocolate muffins, cookies, and fudge. Get creative and throw in some locally-sourced chocolate products, or throw in a lesser-known chocolate flavor! (Have you ever tried chili chocolate? You can thank us later…)
The Gourmet Basket For the bidder who has high hopes of becoming a gourmet chef, even for just one night! Some ideas might include a voucher for a local cooking class, an evening with a personal chef, Williams-Sonoma gift cards and/or products.
The Vegan Basket There are tons of fantastic vegan cookbooks on the shelves now. Toss one of those into a basket with some vegan treats, and maybe a gift card to a local vegan restaurant.
The BBQ Basket This one is always popular! A variety of barbecue sauces and marinades, grilling utensils, a grilling apron, and some specialty salt and cayenne pepper will grab the attention of any grill enthusiast.


The Bundle of Joy Basket This is always a fun one to throw together! Collect some swaddling blankets, toys, pacifiers, baby shampoo, pajamas, and a parenting how-to book. Throw it all into a cute storage basket or baby bath tub.
The Night at the Movies Basket You can ask for donations like microwave popcorn, candy, and a gift card to a local movie theater. Don’t have a theater nearby? No problem! Netflix and Amazon gift cards would allow bidders to enjoy their winnings from home.
The Rainy Day Basket Rainy days don’t always have to get you down! We like to use puzzles, board games, card games, dice, ingredients to make cookies, and family-friendly books.


The Gym Rat Basket You might have bidders on a quest for a healthier lifestyle! Help them get into the gym with resistance bands, an exercise mat, stability ball, hand towels, and a trial gym membership. Many gyms will often throw in a voucher for a personal training session with new memberships, too!
The Bicyclist Basket This one does not have to be specific to cyclists, you can always pick another popular sport in your area and build around it. Cyclists, for example, might enjoy gift cards to bike shops, a cycling helmet, a new water bottle, and tire pump.
The Basket “Fore!” Golfers Do you have golfing enthusiasts participating in your event? Include golf balls, golf tees, an umbrella, golfing glove, golfing magazines, vouchers to local courses, and a free session with a golfing instructor.
The Ultimate Fan Basket Include a team jersey, team hat, tickets to a game, peanuts, Cracker Jacks, binoculars, or stadium seats.


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The Gamer Basket Select a video game to build your theme (like Minecraft or Fortnite), and fill a basket with the most popular gaming gear. Not sure where to start? An Amazon gift card could be thrown in for your bidders to purchase their own gaming items.
The Traveling Tech Basket There are SO many tech accessories that come in handy while traveling! Consider a mobile power bank, outlet converter, extension cord, USB cord, and a compact travel organizer to organize all of the wires.


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The Camping Connoisseur Basket Flashlights, compass, local hiking guide, lantern, outdoor cooking pot and utensils, canteen, camping foods, and a gift certificate to a local sporting goods store!
The Adrenaline Junkie Basket Include vouchers for skydiving, white water rafting, amusement parks, horseback riding lessons, car racing, motorcycle rentals, or any other adventure-filled local activity.
The Day-at-the-Beach Basket Colorful beach towels, sand toys, a beach ball, umbrella, cooler, Frisbee, portable Bluetooth radio, and sunblock. Make this basket more marketable by putting your items in a beach bag!
The Survival Kit Basket If any of your bidders are fans of high-risk adventures, they will appreciate a first-aid kit, a water purifier, walkie-talkies, flashlights, matches, a lightweight blanket, freeze-dried food, and a survival guide.



The Spa Day Basket Bath bombs, face masks, fluffy slippers…oh my! Give bidders even more to think about by tossing in a bathrobe, luxurious towels, bath salts, or a pedicure kit.
The Hair Care Basket Save bidders a trip to the salon by including top-rated hair dryers, curling irons, shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks.
The Makeover Basket Makeup is a very personal thing! Steer away from including specific makeup products, and consider makeup brushes, mirrors, gift cards to a local cosmetics store, or a one-on-one session with a highly-rated makeup artist.

We hope some of these gift basket ideas make it easier to plan your next fundraiser. At CharityAuctionsToday, we love helping every fundraiser succeed; let us know how we can help plan your next event!

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