Donation Software for Nonprofits

Activate our donation software by adding a donation button to your event page so people can support you even without buying more tickets or bidding on items. Skip creating a separate donation link and encourage folks to give on your main event page, where they can also get a look at exciting auction items. Post your fundraising goal so that people can see how close you are. Raise more when you leverage our built-in donation software.

Our donation software is included in our pricing plans at no extra charge, just like our auction, raffle, ticketing, donation, and attendee management features. Our pricing plans are free to start. In other words, we don’t make money if you don’t raise money.

Our Flex Plan has no start fee, only platform and processing fees, and you’re guaranteed to pocket between 92%-100% of your donation proceeds.

While our Prepaid Plan does have a start fee of around $297-$1,500 (depending on your needs), this plan allows unlimited access to certain features, like SMS credits, and guarantees between 94%-100% of your proceeds go to your organization.

Not only can you put a Donate button on your event page but you can also show your fundraising goal and how close you are to reaching it. Encourage your event guests to support you beyond bidding and get them fired up about how close that you all are to achieving the goal.

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Let others show their support

Maybe you already have a different platform for donations: we’re here to tell you that more is better. Your guests will be pleased to see more than one way to support your cause on your event page. For example, if the sports lover just isn’t interested in your collection of spa gift baskets and massage gift certificates, they can still show that they care about your efforts.

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Donation Software That's Easy to Use and Even Easier to Love

One and done

Our platform makes it simple for registered guests to donate with just one click. Donation software platforms sometimes offer a lot of bells and whistles that can actually distract supporters. Help them help you by making it simple to donate.
One-Click Donation

Take the temp

Help everyone track your progress toward your fundraising goal by adding a thermometer to your event page. Our donation software lets your supporters see exactly how they’re helping you when they donate to your cause.
Progress Thermometer

A simple “Thank you”

Our donation software makes it simple to acknowledge donors for their generous contributions. After all, every little bit helps, and a thank you can go a long way toward making a one-time donator into a long-term supporter.
Thank you

Have questions? Give us a call and we'll walk you through it.

It's already easy to use. But we're still here for you just in case.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is ready to help you with all your technical questions, and can be reached by live chat, email, or phone depending on your plan.


Give yourself a head start with a custom onboarding plan. Maximize results along the way with premium training, consulting, and technical services.


We have blog articles, online courses, and comprehensive video tutorials to help you and your whole team get the best out of our platform.

Fundraising Software That Grows With You

Donations are just one piece of CharityAuctionsToday’s complete platform designed to help build
your auction projects. Each product is powerful, but they’re even more capable when used together.


No Fee
$297 – $1500
Platform Fees
0% – 5%

0% – 3%

Processing Fees

3% + $0.30

3% + $0.30

Donation Net Amount

Guaranteed 92% to 100%

Guaranteed 92% to 100%

Live Auction Features

Restricted Access

Unlimited Access

Number of Bidders



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Frequently Asked Questions

In your auction dashboard, under Design Event, you will find an option under Page Features called “Make a Donation Button.” Check this box in order to enable the Donate button so that visitors can donate to your cause in addition to bidding on items or buying tickets.

Other tools might serve you in between fundraising events, of course, but adding a Donate button to your page is the best way to garner more donations with less effort. Guests of your event won’t have to leave the auction page in order to give, and you won’t have to promote two different sites (your event page and your donation page) at the same time.

Donation software helps you manage donations and donor information. You can see if you’re on track for your fundraising goals and add new donors to your own contact database. In our case, you might also get a sense of how effective your auction items were: if you received more donations than bids, you might need to reevaluate your audience and what they might like to bid on next time.

No! Donation software, like all our features, is included in our pricing plans at no additional charge. All you need to decide is whether the Flex or Prepaid plan would work best for your organization and event needs.

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Donation software is just one component of our fundraising platform. Each product is designed to help you build your fundraising projects: and they’re most powerful when used together.

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