Top 60 Best Online Auction Sites | Complete Review (2021 Update)

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Online auctions are great for fundraising and bidding for charity.

If you are looking for the most reputable online auction websites around the globe, you’ve come to the right place.

For fundraising ideas, free online auctions, mobile apps and more, here are 60 best online auction sites and bidding sites.

As you know, there is no shortage of high-quality online auction sites and live auction sites on the internet. But we decided to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you the absolute cream of the crop. Resources for building online auctions include a willingness to be creative and adventurous, exploring what will work in our current economic climate.

These online auction sites will give you the best value for your money because they are exclusively gathered for you to save money.

Note: These sites are listed in no particular order. Mobile Apps coming soon.

Best Online Auction Sites

1) Charity Auctions Today


Online auction site: Charity Auctions Today

A perfect solution for all lovers of online charity auctions, Charity Auctions Today was developed and created by Tom Kelly in 2007 to cater to nonprofits who would like to take their charity auction to the next level.

With a state-of-the-art, cutting edge silent auction platform, Charity Auctions Today has been fully developed to provide a top-notch user friendly platform that will help you raise the maximum dollars with your auction.

Charity Auctions Today is one of the most reliable online charity auction platforms.

Additionally, Charity Auctions Today has hundreds of features that are easy to use and easily customizable.

For a complimentary guide to building an online auction today, go here and get our free auction blueprint!

Their platform can work with all devices, has a built-in credit card processor, and contains many social media tools to help you spread the word of your auction. Your bidders can easily place bids, calculate shipping costs, and offer a sale price.


Online Auctions: Free online auction software from Charity Auctions Today

Official Store:

Exclusive Bonus: Auction Profit Blueprint™ – Breathe fresh life into your fundraising with our 4 keys to double your auction profits.

2) eBay


eBay is undoubtedly the largest auction site on the internet and prides itself as the biggest online shopping mall with over 100 million registered users.

eBay is also the best-known online auction site because they offer the safest marketplace platform for both buyers and sellers alike.

A myriad of interesting features are available for both buyers and sellers – advanced search features, feedback options, a third-party resolution center – all make eBay the go-to place for the both parties.

The only drawback is that their fees are a bit higher than others and the marketplace is somehow confusing for newbies. They support Papal and credit cards as payment options.

But by and large, it is certainly the place to go for your online auction needs.

You can bid for a wide range of listings namely;

  • Fashion
  • Electronics
  • Collectibles and Art
  • Home and Garden
  • Sporting Goods
  • Motors
  • Etc

Online Auctions site: Ebay for listing fees

Official Store:

Official Company Site:

3) eBid


Online auction site: eBid

eBid is one of the largest auction sites on the net and has a very large database of users and visitors.

Although the payment options are limited for buyers and sellers, the buyer safety, competition, reach and high traffic certainly outweighs the payment options by far.

eBid has over $1,833,400,514 gross listing value in over 13,300 categories making it the second largest online auction site after Ebay.

eBid also offers competitive fees together with great selling features that bring your listing(s) to a very wide audience provided you have a seller plus account.


Online Auction Software: eBid

4) Web Store


Auction website: Webstore

Web Store, founded in 1996, is one of the oldest auction sites on the internet. It is a free online auction site and it’s devoid of fees such as;

  • Membership fees
  • Bidding fees
  • Selling fees and
  • Other hidden fees.

Web Store has a wide variety of categories. In fact, whatever you want can usually be found here ranging from Antiques to electronics to specialty services.

Web Store’s safety policies have been top-notch over the past decade. So you’re assured of about 99% buyer safety (it is impossible to completely rid an online marketplace of fraud).


Online auction site: Webstore

Official Store:

5) AuctionMaxx

AuctionMaxx Logo

“Lowest auction at its peak” is what AuctionMaxx stands for. They are undoubtedly the only site where lowest auction prices abound.

With over 10,000 registered users and over 1400 active listings, Auction Maxx is gradually becoming a force in the online auction world.

Their “Maxx Deal” section is what I love the most. If you don’t want to participate in an auction, you can just purchase the product of your choice right away with a huge discount (up to 75%).

Founded in 2012 in Ontario, Toronto, Canada, AuctionMaxx gives a complete 14 day money back warranty on most goods which makes them one of the most trusted and reputable auction sites on the internet.


Online auctions: AuctionMaxx

Official Store:

6) Atomic Mall


Online auction site Atomic Mall

Launched in 2008, Atomic Mall has proven itself as one of the best online auction sites. With over 172,604 and 412,684 members and listings respectively, Atomic Mall is currently among the largest auction sites on the internet.

They accept major payment solutions such as;

  • Amazon Payments
  • Credit Cards
  • Dwoll and
  • Bitcoin

They also have a wide range of product categories available for auctions;

  • Automotive
  • Baby
  • Cellular
  • Crafts
  • Music
  • and plenty more…

Online auction site: Atomic Mall Homepage

Official Store:

7) iOffer


Online auction website: iOffer

iOffer is considered by many as the third largest online auction site with over a million reputable members. They have a very large collection of listings with an extremely easy-to-understand interface.

They also have a very secure payment solution (Paypal) for buyers and offers competitive fees as well.

One fantastic feature of iOffer is their trending search listings where the most searched listings are shown. This makes it extremely easy for buyers to locate a listing without much struggle and digging.

With a wide range of categories ranging from women fashion to fragrances, iOffer is definitely a place to be.


Online auctions: iOffer Homepage

Official Store:
Official Blog:

8) Live Auctioneers


Online auction site Live Auctioneers offers a wide array of auction items for bidding. You can buy jewelry, cars, collectibles and more. In a very short time this company has risen up through the ranks to emerge as one of the most popular online auctions.


Online Auctions: Live Auctioneers website

Online Auction Site: Live Auctioneers

Facebook: Live Auctioneers

9) QuiBids


QuiBids was started in 2009 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and since then it has become a corner-stone online auction site.

Their homepage features the top and latest deals so you can enter an auction in a split second without having to scour through countless listings.

The pop-up box informing you of your inactivity status after 30 minutes is truly an amazing feature of QuiBids. This helps buyers and sellers to remain active as long as they are on the website.


Online Auctions: QuiBids Homepage

Official Store:

10) DealDash

DealDash Logo

Online auction DealDash is one of the most trusted pay-to-play auction provider on the Internet. Their homepage provides some featured listings which I think is cool when compared to the countless number of hours you’d have spend digging through different listings.

DealDash is having an interesting side benefit from the popularity of DoorDash, giving its name more popularity by association (the two are different companies).

Online auction DealDash also provides a section for winners that displays the winners of different auctions thus allowing you to see in real time those who’ve won what items.


Online auctions: DealDash Website

Official Store:

11) SalvageSale


Online auction site SalvageSale is one of the coolest auction providers on the internet with nicely arranged category listings. They have processed over 3 million bids and are used by over half of the top 25 insurance companies.

With over 150,000 registered buyers, SalvageSale averages 220 bids per auction which is considered to be among the highest in the auction industry.


Online Auctions: SalvageSale Website

Official Store:

12) BidGoLive


A beautifully designed online auction web portal for autos, BidGoLive is crafted to aid online vehicle shoppers who want to buy a car from Insurance Auto Auctions.

It currently among the industry leaders when comes to online auto auctions.

The homepage contains featured inventory of vehicles that are auction-ready.


Online auctions: BidGoLive website

Official Store:

13) AuctionZip


Auction Zip is great online auction website that has well arranged category listings that makes it super easy for a buyer to quickly find a listing.

With over 25,000 professional auctioneers and 13 million auction buyers, AuctionZip is one of the worlds largest online auction marketplaces.

What I also appreciate about AuctionZip is their “Latest Auction Info” tab at the main navigation bar that prompts for your email address to receive the latest auction information.


Online auctions: AuctionZip website

Official Store:

14) ShopGoodwill


ShopGoodwill is one the largest online auction site in the world with thousands of auction listings every year. A myriad of category listings is what sets them apart from the others.

Some unique category listings found in ShopGoodwill are;

  • Science & Education
  • Tableware and Kitchenware
  • Toys/Dolls/Games
  • Religious Items
  • Star Wars Collectibles
  • Etc

The “new today”, “ending today” and “Going Going Gone” pages display red hot auctions that will soon be gone.


Online auctions: Shopgoodwill website

Official Store:

15) Pickles Auctions | Australia


Pickles Auctions is the No. 1 auction company in Australia. It contains hundreds of listings with over a thousand members in their database.

They are the oldest vehicle auction organization in Australia having been in existence since 1965.

Their listing categories include;

  • Motor Vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Salvage Vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Earthmoving & Mobile Plant
  • Trailers
  • Boats & Marine Equipment
  • IT, Phones & Office Machines

I included them here because they have an undisputed track record of success with positive testimonials from both buyers and sellers alike.


Online Auctions: Pickles Auctions website

Official Store:

16) Bidding For Good

BiddingForGood Logo

Bidding For Good is a very reputable online charity auction web portal that has been in existence for some time now and has received lots of positive feedback from various customers.

BiddingForGood Homepage

BiddingForGood Homepage

Official Store:

17) Central Car Auctions

Central Car Auctions Logo

Scotland’s finest online car auctions bonanza, Central Car Auctions is one the largest car auctions web portal on the internet with over 1,500 vehicles bought and sold every week.

Central Car Auctions Homepage

Central Car Auctions Homepage – ecommerce

Official Store:

18) Eddisons Logo

Eddisons is a leading firm of Chartered Surveyors operating from ten offices across the UK and Ireland with over 170 years of industry experience.

Eddisons has experienced fascinating growth in property auctions in recent years. This has given it an outstanding advantage over other property auction sites on the internet.

They are currently hosting over 21 auctions annually and are currently the the 8th largest auctioneer in the UK.

They’ve recently revamped their site to improve the auction/search functionality – The best in the industry.

Apart from property auctions, Eddisons also offers other top-notch services including;

  • Fixed Price Business Rates
  • Building & Project Consultancy
  • Lease Advisory
  • Property Insurance
  • Insolvency Services
  • Insurance Valuations
  • Valuation Services
  • Vacant Property Monitoring
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Capital Markets
  • Overseas Services
Eddisons Homepage

Eddisons Homepage

Official Store:

19) SalvageBid

SalvageBid Logo

A top-notch online auto auction site, SlavageBid provides their members with more than 50,000 new vehicles every week to bid on. At SalvageBid, you bid for the following clean and salvage titled vehicles;

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Boats
  • Tractors
  • Trailers
  • and any other imaginable vehicle

They offer both free and premium membership for those looking to buy one or an unlimited number of vehicles.

SalvageBid Homepage

SalvageBid Homepage

Official Store:

20) The SaleRoom

The Saleroom Logo

Europe’s leading web portal for fine art and antique auctions and have successfully hosted over 50,000 auctions and over 33,000 live and timed auctions online.

Founded and operated by ATG Media, The SaleRoom is one the most powerful online auction sites for fine arts in the world.

No wonder they’ve continued to expand their features and have recently introduced;

  • New delivery service
  • Timed auctions and
  • Multi-lingual versions of the site
thesaleroom Homepage

thesaleroom Homepage

Official Store:

21) Property Room

Property Room Logo

Property Room is more like a police auction site than an average normal one. They work with over 3,000 law enforcement agencies and municipalities through out United States to help them auction their seized, stolen, abandoned and surplus goods.

The honesty, reliability, straightforwardness, and reputability in their dealings with their professional members, have made Property Room a force to reckoned with when it comes to online auctions in the States.

You can bid for;

  • Vehicles
  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Coins & Bullion
  • Electronics
  • Art
  • Etcetera

They also accept various payment methods(provided you contact their support team).


Property Room Homepage

Property Room Homepage

Official Store:

22) Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s is a British-founded American multinational corporation headquartered in New York City. It is one of the world’s best and largest brokers of fine and decorative art, jewelry, real estate, and collectibles. It has 80 locations in 40 countries but maintains a significant presence in the UK, It is the world’s largest art business, with global sales in 2011 totaling $5.8 billion.


Official site

23) Auctions Ohio

AOauctions Logo

Auctions Ohio, part of the Auction Ohio family of businesses founded by Chris Davis in 1985, is a beautifully designed online auction site with a lot of security features.

With the highest standards of service, AO Auctions has grown rapidly over the years and still offers what I consider a top-notch bidding service.

best online auctions review charity auctions today feat ohio auctions

Official Store:

24) GraysOnline

GraysOnline Logo

GraysOnline is an online auction and clearance web portal that offers a number of consumer, industrial and commercial goods direct from manufacturers and distributors. Another Australian auction, choose Grays for easy in country shipping.

Their homepage displays the most exclusive auctions and also the “Your Top Auction Picks” where the 3 highest category listings are on display.

Official Store:

25) Savills

Savills Logo

Savills offers professional property service in the UK and in other parts of the world. Their auction section provides top-notch property auctions at affordable rates.

Savills Homepage

Savills Homepage

Official Store:

26) America’s Auto Auction

Americas Auto Auction Logo

America’s Auto Auction offers a full spectrum of Dealer Services necessary to successfully complete the marketing needs for both Buyers and Sellers.

Their auction prices are top-notch and they are regarded as one of the most popular online auction sites for autos.

All types of autos can be auctioned and bid on. They also have a “Weekly Special” tab on their homepage which shows special bid events.


Online Auctions: Americas Auto Auction Website

Official Store:

27) Columbus Online Auction

Columbus Online Logo

For those living in Ohio, your online auction need is now very close your doorstep.

Columbus Online Auction offers Free Consultations, Appraisal Services, Pick-up & Transportation, Warehousing, Receiving Docks for Drop Offs, Packing Assistance & Materials, Full Inventory and Accounting services.

Various auction category listings available at Columbus Online Auction;

  • Downsizing Auctions
  • Estate Auctions
  • Elite Collections
  • Antiques and Collectibles
  • Consignment Auctions
  • Business / Commercial Liquidation
Columbus Online Auctions Homepage

Columbus Online Auctions Homepage

Official Store:

28) Emirates Auctions

Emirates Auction Logo

Established in 2005 and based in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Emirates Auctions is an internationally-recognized auctioneer of the Top Ten most expensive license plates in the world.

They recently won the Guinness world record for the world’s most expensive Plate which was sold for $14 million in Abu Dhabi in February 2008. Note you can toggle to English if you aren’t fluent in Arabic.

Emirates Auctions also deals with car and real estate auctions for the industrial and governmental sectors and is a very active member of the National Auctioneers Association.

Emirates Auction Homepage

Emirates Auction Homepage

Official Store:

29) Storage Treasures Auctions

Storage Treasures Auctions Logo

As a powerful online auction marketplace, Storage Treasures offers their members the ability to participate in real-time online storage auctions, as well the capability to find live, on-site auctions throughout the United States and Canada.

You can bid for latest auction listings on their homepage and can also share your thoughts about a particular auction or listing at the bottom of the page via the Facebook Comments Plugin (you must be logged into Facebook).

Auctions Storage Treasures Homepage

Auctions Storage Treasures Homepage

Official Store:

30) Venmore Auctions

Ven more Auctions Logo

Venmore Auctions is one of UK’s finest online auction websites for properties.

At Venmore Auctions, you can auction your property for free and get bids from professional bidders and as a buyer you can bid knowing their site has very secure payment methods.

They also provide a very informative and up-to-date auction guide that can help you sell and bid wisely.

Ven More Auctions Homepage

Ven More Auctions Homepage

Official Store:

31) NorCal Online Auctions

Norcal Online Auctions Logo

NorCal Online Auctions is an Estate Sales & Liquidation Service company that specializes in estate sales, senior downsizing sales & business liquidation through online auctions in Northern California.

The following are the services they offer;

  • Estate Sales
  • Senior Downsizing
  • Estate Auction
  • Estate Buy-Outs
  • Barns & Outbuildings
  • Storage Units
  • Business Liquidation
  • Consignments
  • Property Liquidation
  • Antique & Collectible Auctions
  • Vehicles, Boats, Trailers

NorCal Online Auctions is powered by Xpert Auction Software.

Norcal Online Auctions Homepage

Norcal Online Auctions Homepage

Official Store:

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32) The Great North Property Auction

Great North Property Logo

The Great North Property Auction offers a fast and effective way to achieve a quick and secure sale. They feature sold, “About to Expire” and the “Latest Addition” listings so that buyers can immediately make a good decision on what to bid on.

The Great North Property Auction also offers an evaluation service at no cost or fee.


Online Auctions Great North Property Auction Homepage

Official Store:


33) iCollector


iCollector is one the powerhouses of online auctions. Having run over 10,000 auctions since their inception, they are currently among the top coin auction marketplaces in the world.

They specialize in the following auction category listings;

  • Coin auctions
  • Gaming memorabilia
  • Original set costumes
  • Collectible firearms
  • Movie props and
  • Vintage collectibles

Established in 1997, iCollector has over 1000 auction house clients worldwide, among them are the top auction houses and licensed dealers in their respective categories.

Their homepage contains a lot of useful information and at a glance you can view featured auctions, current auction news and current live bid auctions.


Online Auctions iCollector Auction Website

Official Store:

34) Autorola


Established in 2001, Autorola is the largest internationally recognized online auction platform for car dealers. Currently facilitating used vehicle transactions in 17 European countries, Turkey, Australia and the US.

They have over 70,000 registered dealers worldwide and are gradually but steadily becoming a force to reckoned with in the US auction market.

Their homepage contains latest international auction listings and you can see which is which at a glance and you also have the ability to enter into an auction in a snap of the finger.


Online Auctions AutoRola Website

Official Store:


35) Auctria

Auctria is a web application that lets you create a very powerful but easy to use auction. You can run a silent, live or online fundraising auctions at an affordable rate.


Online Auctions Auctria

This web application comes with a lot of features including;

  • Detailed Tracker
  • Credit card processors
  • Ability to generate bid sheets and gift certificates
  • A full-fledged auction website
  • Ability to share with multiple users and
  • Ability to import a detailed report

Official Store:

36) Hunters Property Auctions


Hunters Property Auctions is one the leading property online auction companies in the UK.

Established in 1992, Hunters Property has grown tremendously so much so that they are now the largest independent estate agency chain in the UK with over 100 branches nationwide.

What makes them stand out from the crowd are;

  • Maximum online coverage
  • Diverse national network
  • Always listening to their customers needs and wants
  • Commitment to innovation & technology
  • Proactive approach and
  • Giving back to the community

If you live in the UK and are interested in property, the Hunters Property Auctions is definitely what you need.


Online Auctions Hunters Auction Website

Official Store:

37) Artsy

Artsy Logo

Artsy features the worlds leading galleries, museum collections, foundations, artist estates, art fairs, and benefit auctions, all in one place. They have the largest database of contemporary art with a growing database of 350,000 images of art and architecture.

The Artsy auction page features the latest auctions at a glance and also contains very informative tips on how to bid on their site.

Artsy Homepage

Artsy Homepage

Official Store:

38) CharityBuzz


A fantastic and top-notch travel, sport and celebrity online auction site. CharityBuzz online auctions bring together hundreds of the world’s most acclaimed celebrities, inspiring luminaries and beloved brands to give you unforgettable access to your passions.

A beautifully designed website that helps support incredible causes or projects around the world.


Online Auctions CharityBuzz Homepge

Official Store:

39) Future Property Auctions


The finest and the largest is Scotland’s dedicated land and property auction site with a highly experienced team of valuers and sales negotiators who can help with any type of property sale.

They have over 300 auctions every week which is really unprecedented.

Their website features the latest listings and also latest auction information that will help you make a wise decision.

Online-auctions-site-Future-Propery-Auctions Homepage

Online Auctions Future Propery Auctions Homepage

Official Store:

40) Auction Export


An incredible and fascinating online auction site for autos in Canada and North America with unmatched security features. Auction Export is a renowned auto auction dealer with a track record of credibility and success.

They have a Master Business License authentication from the Government of Canada and is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.

In addition, they are also licensed by the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council since 2006 and a registered member of the Used Car Dealer Association of Ontario.

Last but not the least is that they accept Skrill as a payment method.

This clearly shows why they are the most trusted online auto auction site in Canada.


Online Auction Export Cars for Sale

Official Store:

41) Property Auction Action


Property Auction Action is the original and one of the best property auction house information websites in the UK. The homepage contains latest property auction listings in both England and Wales.

I also like the latest auction news feed at the right sidebar of their website.

In all, Property Auction Action is a fantastic online auction website for properties especially for those residing in the UK.


Online Auction Site Property Auction Action Homepage

Official Store:

42) Give Smart


A fantastic team of online auction site developers with great features especially for fundraising purposes. Give Smart specializes in building and developing online auction fundraising sites for hundreds of people around the Globe.

Give Smart is founded by passionate charity supporters and has a lot to offer to anyone who wants to create an online presence for a charity auction.


Online Auctions Give Smart Homepage

Official Store:

43) CoPart

Online-auctions-website-Copart Logo

Founded in 1982 by CEO Willis J. Johnson, CoPart is an online vehicle auction with more than 75,000 salvage and clean title vehicles on sale each day.

They have a fantastic online auction platform and have recently added over 100 new features to improve your online car buying experience.

With more than 75,000 vehicles up for bid on any given day and over 2,500 employees in 160 locations, CoPart has something for everyone:

  • Individual consumers
  • Salvage buyers
  • Dealers
  • Body shops and
  • Dismantlers

Online Auctions Copart Homepage

Official Store:

44) Allsop


Allsop is a top-notch independent property consultancy with a market-leading reputation based in the UK that is geared towards providing a high quality service.

They are among the largest (if not the largest) and most successful property auction houses in the UK.

Their homepage contains a lot of property auction info and the recently added “Auction How to Video Guide” section that explicitly covers everything you need to know about buying and selling in auction.


Online auctions: Allsop

Official Store:

45) Chiswick Auctions


Chiswick Auctions, based in West London, is one of largest antiques auction sites in the UK with a lot of auction listings in their database.

Although they predominantly deal in antiques, Chiswick Auctions also auctions a variety of modern items and designer goods.

They have an auction every Tuesday of the year (except the two immediately around Christmas). They hold Sunday/Monday viewings every week, even on Bank Holidays.

I love their auction listings because;

  • Online real-time bidding
  • A dedicated fleet of vans for collection and deliveries
  • They have specialist departments
  • Huge client database

Online Auctions Chiswick Auctions

Official Store:

46) TriCity Auction Center


TriCity Auction Center provides complete personal property auction services. The auction services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Household items
  • Antiques
  • Firearms
  • Collectibles
  • Tools & shop related equipment
  • Boats
  • Vehicles
  • Trailers

Established in 2011 by Vaughn Davis, a professional auctioneer, Tri-City Auction Center is gradually becoming a leader in personal property auctions in Nebraska and its environs.


Online auctions: Tricity Auction Center

Official Store:

47) The Essential Information Group


The Essential Information Group, established in 1991, provides comprehensive information on property auctions, including future auction particulars with pictures, guide prices, and auction results.

The site has an advanced search feature that allows you to quickly search available property auctions. In fact, they have best auction coverage available in whole of UK.

I included them here because of the outstanding services they offer evidenced by tons of positive property auctioneers testimonials.


Online Auctions: Eeigropu Homepage

Official Store:

48) Hansons Auctioneers


Based in Derbyshire, Middle England with other valuation centers all over the UK, HansonÕs Auctioneers was established in 2005 by Charles Hanson.

The homepage contains the latest auctions and some noteworthy details like opening hours, specialist sales, and postages.


Online Auctions: Hansons Auctioneers

Official Store:
Youtube Channel:

49) Clive Emson Auctioneers


Founded in 1989 by Clive Emson. Clive Emson Auctioneers was created to supply a high profile auctioneering facility to corporate and independent estate agents, private clients and statutory bodies.

It’s aim is to provide specialist land and property auctioneering services. Their homepage contains current and upcoming auctions.


Online auctions Clive Emson

Official Store:

50) Schmidt’s Antiques Auction


A powerful online auction site for fine art and antiques, Schmidt’s has established itself as the No.1 powerhouse in uniting buyers and sellers of Art and Antiques in the United States.

Founded in 1911, Schmidt’s has become a leading figure in the antiques auction space and has continued to dominate the online marketplace for fine art and antique auctions in the US.

Buyers can bid with the confidence afforded through their accurate, honest descriptions and meticulous condition reports along with high resolution photography of all the items they sell.


Online Auctions Schmidt’s Antiques

Official Store:

51) Ruhter Auction


Established in 1967, Ruther Auction have been the recognized leader for land auctions, commercial equipment auctions, estate auctions, and more in Hastings, NE and its environs.

Ruther Auction is no doubt the best auction service in Hastings. With over a hundred listings every month, they are considered by many as one of the largest land auction companies in Nebraska.


Online Auctions Ruhter Auction and Realty

Official Store:


52) Country Wide Property Auctions


Online auctions Countrywide Auctions

Country Wide Property Auctions is part of the Countrywide Group, which has the UK’s largest estate agency and listing network with over 1,300 branches in the UK.

They currently hold National Auctions in London for properties across the UK and the South. Apart from the National Auctions held in London, Country Wide Property Auctions also holds other dedicated regional auctions in Sheffield and Exeter from January to December.

Their homepage features the next auction to be held and a very useful auction calendar.


Online Auctions: Countrywide Auctions

Official Store:

53) Barnard Marcus Property Auctions

Barnard Marcus Logo

A part of Sequence(UK) Limited, Barnard Marcus Property Auctions is one the largest national networks of estate agents throughout the UK. They offer the following auction services;

  • Home
  • Land
  • Listing opportunities
  • Restoration investment

You can also get the latest auction dates and news by clicking their respective links at the left sidebar of their homepage.


Online auctions: Auction site Barnard Marcus

Official Store:

54) eFlea


eFlea is a simple to use Free Online Charity Auction Hosting site. They provide services to any not-for-profit group and organization based in Canada, The United States, Australia, New Zealand or Great Britain.

They are rated as one of the best online charity auction hosting sites in the United States because of their reputation and credibility.


Online auctions: eFlea auction site

Official Store:

55) Invaluable


Invaluable is one of the largest premier live online auction sites. You can bid in real time from any part of the world.

They have a wide range of category listings such as;

  • Jewelry
  • Antiques
  • Paintings
  • Fine and decorative art
  • Antiques
  • Estate jewelry
  • Coins and stamps
  • Collectibles and
  • Many more

Their homepage features the latest auction listings and a link to upcoming auctions.


Online Auctions: Invaluable auction site

Official Store:

56) GSA Auctions

The General Services Administration (GSA) has a history of pioneering electronic solutions for streamlining and enhancing the management of excess and surplus Federal assets.
The GSA Auctions website  has been developed to complete GSA’s transformation to an all-electronic asset management system. The site offers the public the opportunity to bid electronically on a wide array of Federal assets. The auctions are completely web-enabled, allowing all registered participants to bid on a single item or multiple items (lots) within specified timeframes.


Official site

57) BidSpotter


BidSpotter is one of the most diverse auctions, it includes a wide variety of them like Industrial & Commercial, Construction, Metalworking, Food & Beverage and Agriculture equipment Acquired by ATG Media in April 2013, is the world leader in industrial online auctions. With a database of more than 531,000 active buyers, consistently generates exceptional numbers of qualified bidders from over 105 countries for auctioneers.


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58) Auction

For over a decade was one of the largest online auction marketplace. They help you reach your real estate investment goals by offering the largest selection of residential bank-owned and foreclosure homes. They created a  platform that has resulted in $52 billion in sales and 16,000+ properties available for sale, and more than 10,000 auctions per year in all 50 states, they use their passion for real estate with technology and data science to bring buyers and sellers closer together, because interaction across both sides of the transaction unleashes the power of the marketplace.


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59) IAA


IAA, Inc. (NYSE: IAA) is a leading global digital marketplace connecting vehicle buyers and sellers. Leveraging leading-edge technology and focusing on innovation, IAA serves a global buyer base – located throughout over 170 countries – and a full spectrum of sellers, including insurers, dealerships, fleet lease and rental car companies, and charitable organizations. Buyers have access to multiple digital bidding and buying channels, innovative vehicle merchandising, and efficient evaluation services, enhancing the overall purchasing experience.


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60) GovDeals


GovDeals buyers have direct access to the best surplus equipment deals across North America. Purchase confidently from trusted and respected government and educational organizations and suppliers on a secure, transparent, and efficient platform. GovDeals is a complete and sustainable solution specifically created for, and dedicated to, government and educational agencies and their surplus disposition. With over 14,000 sellers utilizing the GovDeals online auction platform.


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In Conclusion | Best Online Auction Sites

This is a listing of some of the best 60 online auction sites from around the globe. Whether you’re looking for a great deal on a car, jewelry, a ranch or whether you’re in the business of raising funds with your own auction, these resources will give you a lot of juice to fire up your engine! We at Charity Auctions Today celebrate all fundraising auctions globally.

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Online Auctions: Top Online Auction Sites

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