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On Boarding Video

Onboarding Video

View our onboarding video and get started building your online auction. Great place to begin your fundraising journey. Share with your team, too.

Cheap Fundraising Ideas for Charities
cheap fundraising ideas
Tom Kelly

20 Cheap Fundraising Ideas

Want to raise funds without spending a fortune on organizing a charity event? Our quick guide to cheap fundraising ideas will help you raise money for a good cause without spending a fortune. Find 20 proven ideas for charities. Learn how to run a live event, a mobile/remote auction, or a silent auction without hassle.

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auction sites
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National Partners

Online auctions are easy to build with Charity Auctions Today. Are you a member of a National Organization? We have discounted pricing for our National

auction sites
Tom Kelly

Top 20 Best Online Auction Sites Review

Whether you are looking to raise money for an organization, sell some valuable items, or purchase a car…there are numerous online outlets to help you

auction software freeware
Tom Kelly

Auction Types for Fundraising Guide

Everyone knows what an auction is, but few know there’s more to it than a fast-talking auctioneer in front of people holding bid paddles, hoping

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