How can guests get registered for my auction?

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As the Auction Admin you have a few options on how to get your guests registered and ready to bid.

Pre-register your guests

If you have a contact list with your guest’s name, email AND phone number, you can pre-register their bidder account by uploading their information into the Attendee area of your Auction Dashboard and scheduling a welcome text message.

When you have uploaded your contact list into the Attendee area you will then schedule a welcome text message which is pre-labeled as “Auction Starting Soon.” Your text messages are located under Auction Options > Text Messages.

How can guests get registered for my auction

When the guest receives their welcome text, they will also receive a link to your auction. When they click on the link, they will be redirected into their own bidder account and ready to participate in your auction.

More about scheduling text messages click HERE.

Share your Auction URL

You can share your auction URL with your audience via an email blast and allow your guests to register a bidder account independently on their computer prior to your auction launch. Your auction URL can be found on your auction dashboard or from Invite & Promote > Links & Widgets > Send Auction Link.

Need sample email templates view a few HERE to get started.

Text A Keyword to 88793

If you choose to register guests through a text message keyword, our system will reply with a registration form to create a bidder account. Once a bidder completes the registration form, they will receive a text with a link to your auction.

**Your keyword can be a word of your choosing and the cost of a keyword is $97. Instructions on How to create a Keyword.


Register during Event Ticket Purchase

If you are selling tickets as well as hosting an auction on our platform, your guests have the option to register as a bidder during the ticket purchase.

How can guests get registered for my auction3

Register at your live Event using Point of Sale

If you are checking your guests in during arrival at your live event, the Point of Sale (POS) system is a great way to simultaneously register a guest and check them in for attendance. A step by step guide on how to use POS for your registration/check-in can be found Here.

How can guests get registered for my auction4

Register at your event using Live registration link

A second option for on site registration for those guests that have not had a chance to register beforehand is to setup a laptop or tablet at your check in table for easy day of registration. Please see this in depth article about Live Registration Link setup Here.

How can guests get registered for my auction5