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With our platform, you can request a Keyword that fits your event.


You can choose to add on a text message keyword for one-time use for your event that is valid for 3 months with a fee of $97 or yearly use for any Events and Text-to-Give campaigns you run throughout the year with a fee of $197.

Keywords are often chosen on an annual basis for organizations that wish to hold multiple auctions using the same keyword to expedite bidder registration or for text to give campaigns.

Step 1) From the black panel area, Click “Texting Features” > Manage Keyword.”

Keyword choice is subject to availability, You will use the Search bar to check for Availability. Keywords require 48 hours to prepare.

Create a Text Keyword


Step 2) After confirming your keyword, please click on the green button”Purchase Now.” Then you will have to choose the pricing and how long you need your keyword with a fee of $97 or $197.

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Click the blue link button >  assign your Keyword to your Auction and apply as Registration or Donation.

Keyword choice is subject to availability; you will use the Search bar to check for Availability.

Once a keyword is active, your guests can text that keyword to:
88793 (USA)

+44 23 9316 2575 (UK) 

+1 437 372 5714 (CANADA)

+1408 637 4899 (AUSTRALIA) 

They will receive a text message to either register a bidder account or an opportunity to donate, depending on your choice made in step 2.

Important to note:

*You’ll get free 1000 text message credits when you Secure a Text Keyword.