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Your event is soon, and you want to get your future bidders excited about it! Finding the right words can be challenging, so we recommend that you use the sample emails below to help create your email blast to send to your audience. Promote your social media hashtags within your message if you like. And promote it on all your social media platforms!

Sample 1)

Welcome to our auction! Please show your support by visiting our auction link and bidding on unique auction items. Our auction is approaching quickly; please join us and help raise funds for this great cause!

Sample 2)

We appreciate your support for our organization and would like to invite you to participate in our upcoming auction. This is a great opportunity to bid on some really great items and contribute to our fundraiser. Please register and view our auction by visiting the link below.

Sample 3)

We are very excited about this year’s event and hope you are too! Our auction will be going live soon, and we would love your support and participation!

You can preview items and complete your bidder registration early so that you will be ready to begin bidding once the auction launches! Please visit the link below to get started!

Add more descriptive wording in your email about the auction, the cause, and the items, and more people will be interested. These samples are merely skeletons that need your input and creativity. If your auction is near Christmas, tell them you have great Christmas gift ideas. Whatever time of year it is, you know your audience, so talk to them!