How Our Performance Fees Work

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We have two main auction plan types with varying performance fees.

Free Plan

  • No upfront cost to launch
  • 5% performance fee based on total auction revenue

Pre-paid Plan

  • Upfront cost (fee based on item count)
  • 3% performance fee based on total auction revenue

All plans are subject to credit card processing fees, these fees are separate to the CharityAuctionsToday performance fees.

The credit card processor you choose (Stripe, PayPal or WePay) will determine your rate. Typically, this rate will range between 2.9 – 3.2% depending on the processor and credit card type used (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express).

On the Free Plan, if you raised $1,000, your total fees would be 5% + 2.9% (7.9% total) = $79. The credit card company will also charge $0.30 per transaction. Please note, if your guest wins more than one item, these items will be grouped on one invoice and incur one $0.30 transaction fee.

On the Pre-Paid plans, you will have the upfront cost based on the item count in your auction, and we would lower the performance fee to 3%. This 3% would be collected along with your credit card processing fees as your invoices are paid.