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Asking for donations takes a lot of time

If you are looking for fundraising auction sources for a school fundraiser or a charity auction, you know it’s not a slam dunk. It takes hours making phone calls to prospective donors and even more hours searching online to find more businesses and services willing to donate items of value. Trying to find silent auction donation request sources can be a time-consuming endeavor.

Securing donations is easier with this list of companies with silent auction donation request forms

You don’t have to knock on doors, make phone calls or head into your search for fundraising auction sources blind. We’ve done the searching for you. Here is a starter list of fundraising auction sources. Whether you want items for a silent auction, an in-house raffle, or you just want to find a website where you can organize and set up an online auction for free, we’ve got you covered.  We even have a handy guide on how to ask for donations, so you can craft your outreach message with confidence.

Need Help Asking for Donations?

Use our Donation Request Letter Templates to write your own pitch for auction items.

Many organizations have a limited amount they can donate each month. For some, the number of silent auction donation requests they’ve received will determine whether you get a donation at that time. If you are unable to get a donation, ask them when you should try again. Check early in the month for your best chance. This is not an exhaustive list. Use it as a steppingstone for ideas for other, similar places that might donate to your cause. Company policies are always changing, so don’t count on a donation until you have it in hand. Once you have compiled a solid stock of donated items, build your auction with our free charity auction software.

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Here’s a list of more than 30 companies that donate to silent auctions and tips on how to apply. With some exceptions, the links below will take you directly to that brand’s foundation or part of their site that include a request form and/or information on how nonprofits can work with them.

Clothing and Home Goods

  • American Eagle – AE offers $25 gift cards for fundraisers geared toward teen or college events. You can use the link here or call your nearest store.
  • Lands End – Send all donation requests to
  • L.L. Bean – If your event focuses on conservation/outdoor recreation, health and human services, or culture/art, you might be eligible to work with L.L. Bean.
  • Macy’s & Bloomingdales – Explore donation deals from these two retail brands.


  • Albertsons – Ask your local store if you can build a relationship for local charity events and donation requests.
  • Casey’s General Store – Can provide food, coupons, or gift certificates, but only on the local level.
  • Gourmet Gift Baskets – Can offer a limited amount of donated gift baskets, get your request in early!
  • Kroger – Can assist local non-profit organizations.
  • KMART – Often supports their local community organizations.
  • Publix – You must submit requests for donations, gift cards, sponsorships, and program ads on the letterhead of your non-profit, tax-exempt organization.
  • Stop & Shop – Likes to focus on food access, nutrition, and children’s health.
  • Total Wine – Offers auction donations as well as beverage discounts: perfect for your event!
  • Whole Foods – Holds 5% Days to support local nonprofit or educational organizations.
  • Winn Dixie – Can donate gift cards or offer sponsorships to local organizations.


Toys and Hobbies

  • American Girl – American Girl updated their doll donation guidelines as of March 2023.
  • Build A Bear – This company gives priority to schools and 501(c)(3) charities that help children, families and animals.
  • Knit Picks – This yarn and knitting/crochet accessory company will donate auction items to nonprofits. Use their listed contact information.

Theme Parks

  • Disney – Disney is particularly interested in nonprofits that promote access and equity, as well as those supporting families with children facing serious illness, among many other areas of focus.
  • Sea World – Contact each theme park location to request tickets you can auction off.
  • Six Flags – Six Flags donates park passes to nonprofit groups for fundraising. You may need to check each park location individually for guidelines and request forms. 


  • Best Western – Best Western will work with nonprofits focusing on poverty and disaster relief, among others.
  • Fairmont Hotels – Contact your local hotel for a donation request form.
  • Hawaiian Airlines – This airline is particularly interested in organizations that support educational, environmental, or cultural understanding, among others.
  • Hilton Hotels – Explore what kind of local organizations Hilton will support, and how.
  • Intercontinental Hotels – See what types of local charities this chain will work with.
  • JetBlue – Submit a donation request from JetBlue here.
  • Marriott Hotels – Take a look at Marriott’s nonprofit engagement guidelines to see if you qualify.

We’ve broken these up by loose categories, but there are surely more silent auction donation request opportunities out there. Think of the brands you enjoy or the items you know your audience will love and start researching. And don’t forget to reach out to local shops and businesses: like the chains we’ve listed above, they can be particularly powerful sources of donated items, as they already have a stake in your community.

Get the Prep Work Done

You can start building your auction even before you have all your items collected.