Fundraising Sites for Schools

What are the Best Fundraising Sites for Schools? Remember when the school fundraiser meant cheese and sausage or a variety of candles? The old stand bys still work, but aren't always allowed. The once popular fall carnival, spaghetti night, or door to sales of classic junk you can find at a dollar store, are fading fast. No one wants to send the kids door to door. Sure, the scouts still set up outside of stores, but it isn't as easy for regular kids. Those incentives for winning aren't so coveted anymore. [...]

6 Quick Christmas Themed Fundraising Ideas

6 Christmas Fundraising Ideas If you have little time to prep or you are short on resources, you need simple, quick Christmas themed fundraising ideas like these. Each one of these holiday fundraising activities takes little effort on your part, but they will build memories for years to come. Holiday Cooking Class Find a local chef or pastry chef to volunteer to teach a one night holiday cooking class in the school cafeteria. Offer 2 or 3 seasonal dishes, and make it fun for families. Make this event family friendly, [...]

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8 Easy Thanksgiving Fundraisers for Schools

If you are an enthusiastic planner, these 8 easy Thanksgiving fundraisers are simple enough to throw together in a week or less. Keep it simple. Plan a Thanksgiving fundraiser for your school around fellowship and family. Organize a FOOTBALL FUND DRIVE - Football season is in full force. Ask your family and friends to "bet" on a game for charity. Everyone pays a small entry fee and makes a pledge for their team. If their team wins, keep only the entry fee. If their team loses, they must pay the [...]

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Risk Free Auction Items

Risk-free items: A Definitive Guide You've probably noticed county fairs or special events giving away some big ticket items. Sometimes they raffle off a motorcycle or an ATV and sometimes they raffle off a trip to an exotic location. These types of items draw a lot of attention and sell lots of tickets, but the organization takes a huge risk. The premise is easy, sell enough tickets to cover the cost of the item and then some, but that doesn't always happen! Many times the charity fundraiser is lucky to [...]

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35 Charity Fundraising Ideas that Rock

Sometimes successful auction ideas fall out of style like the hottest fashion trends. However, there are many fundraising ideas that are always a hit with your supporters. By offering a wide array of auction items you have a better chance of reaching potential donors online. We’ve compiled a list of charity fundraising ideas that work, and they rock! Give your donors what they want and still benefit your cause. High-end or exotic travel packages always seems to be a winner. They offer a unique vacation experience that most people wouldn’t [...]

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It Takes Money to Make Money

We’ve all heard the old adage, it takes money to make money , but is it true? There’s probably some truth to it, but you can make money from scratch if you are willing to put in the elbow grease. Every fundraiser faces hurdles. We offer software for a fee, but you can sign up for Free with a demo. The starter fees, though far less than other fundraising sites, can be daunting to those who are starting from scratch we a $0 budget. Still, others, hate the thought of [...]

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