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Blind Bidding Explained: How Multiple Winners and Hidden Bids Work

Navigating the world of auctions can be thrilling, and our platform offers different bidding styles to keep the excitement alive. One such style is “blind bidding”, which introduces an element of mystery and strategy to the process. Let’s dive into how it works.

What is Blind Bidding?

In a blind bidding auction, bid amounts and bidder identities are kept hidden from all participants. It’s a bit like a silent auction, but with a twist: bidders are only informed about their standing, not about the specifics of competing bids.

How Does It Determine Winners?

  1. Based on Quantity: The number of winners in a blind bidding auction is directly related to the item’s “Available Quantity.” For instance, if the quantity available is five, then the top five highest bidders will each secure the item.
  2. Feedback to Bidders: While bid histories are concealed, our system provides instant feedback. When a participant places a bid, they will:
    • Get Notified if their bid ranks among the top positions, indicating they’re currently in a winning spot.
    • Be Prompted to increase their bid if it doesn’t fall within the winning bracket.

Tips for Blind Bidding:

  • Start Strong: Given the secretive nature, it’s wise to start with a competitive bid based on the item’s perceived value.
  • Stay Alert: Pay attention to the system’s feedback after each bid. It will guide you on whether you should increase your bid to secure a winning spot.

Remember: Blind bidding introduces a fresh, strategic dimension to the auction experience. It’s not just about the highest bid, but also about gauging the competition and making smart bidding choices.