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Risk-Free Items: Enhancing Your Auction With Unique Packages

Our platform offers an exciting feature: Risk-Free Items. These are exclusive packages you can add to your auction, which come with no upfront costs. These can range from VIP access to special events, major sporting spectacles, family vacations, and even award shows.

Benefits of Risk-Free Items:

  • Exclusive Access: Gain unique packages like award shows, family vacations, and major sporting events.
  • No Upfront Cost: With no signup or usage fees, you only pay for what you sell.
  • Expert Management: Winspire’s Booking & Concierge Service will handle the booking and travel for your winning bidders.

How to Add Risk-Free Items to Your Auction:

  1. Navigate to the “Items” area of your auction’s Dashboard.
  2. Click on “Risk Free Items.”
  3. You’ll be directed to a page showcasing available packages. Use the sidebar to filter by category and location.
  4. Click on any package title to view detailed information.
  5. Found a suitable package? Click “Reserve Package,” fill out the form, and submit.
  6. Post reservation, you’ll receive an email from Winspire with your package details, including images, descriptions, and pricing. This helps you add the package seamlessly to your auction.

Pricing Recommendation: We advise setting a reserve or starting bid at least 20% above the “Nonprofit Cost.” Remember, if the bidding doesn’t meet your set minimum, you won’t incur any costs. Any bids exceeding the “Nonprofit Cost” directly benefit your organization.

Note: Please be aware that CharityAuctionsToday will apply a commission and credit card processing fee.

Post Auction Steps for Sold Risk-Free Packages:

Once your auction concludes and a package is successfully sold, a representative from Winspire will contact you. This collaboration ensures a smooth transaction, discussing payment and providing booking details for the winning bidder. Winspire also offers a comprehensive FAQ section for any additional questions.

Take advantage of Risk-Free Items and elevate the experience for your bidders, while boosting your organization’s fundraising potential.