Risk Free Items: What Are They and How to Add them to an Auction

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Risk Free Items allow you to place exclusive, unique packages in your auction or fundraising event without any upfront cost.

Packages include award shows, major sporting events, VIP access to to special events, family vacations, etc. There are no sign up or usage fees and you purchase only what you sell, making every item risk free.

From the ‘Items’ area of your auction’s Dashboard, you can browse through our portfolio of travel packages and reserve items you would like to include in your event. When your event is over, Winspire’s Booking & Concierge Service will assist your winning bidders and manage their booking and travel experience.

What are next steps after I sell a Risk free package?

After you auction ends and you have successful sold a package, a Winspire representative will reach out to you. The connection will iron out all the details with you in terms of payment and booking information for your winning bidder.

Winspire has an excellent FAQ you can review HERE

How do I add ‘Risk Free Items’ to my auction?

Step 1) Click on ‘Auctions,’ then ‘Manage Auctions.’

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Step 2) Click on the name of your auction.

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Step 3) On the left-hand side of your auction’s Dashboard, click on ‘Items,’ then ‘All Items.’

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Step 4) Click on ‘Risk Free Items.’


Step 5) You will be redirected to a new page with a listing of all available packages. Use the menu to the left of the screen to easily navigate the selection via category and location.

Step 6) Click on the title of the item to view further details. If/when you find an item you would like to list in your auction, click the blue ‘Reserve Package’ button, complete the form and submit your request.


Step 7) Once an item has been reserved, you will receive an email from Winspire containing the details of your package. This email will include a detailed description of the selected package, pictures, and pricing so you can accurately add the package to your auction. We recommend setting a reserve or starting bid at a minimum of 20% above the ‘Nonprofit Cost.’ If bidding does not reach the minimum you set, your organization will not pay anything. Any bidding that goes beyond the ‘Nonprofit Cost’ goes directly to your organization. Please note: CharityAuctionsToday will apply a commission and credit card processing fee.