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Do you need help setting up your ticketing event? Have questions on how to setup different ticket types?

You can download a complete guide on setting up your ticket plan. Please also view our Video Training on selling tickets.

Below you will find helpful steps and tips on setting up your Event Tickets.

Setting up Raffle Tickets

There are a few ways to set up raffle ticket sales and selections on our platform:

1.) As a Buy It Now item on your auction page

2.) As Ticket Type if you are running a ticketed event

Raffle Tickets in an Auction

Step 1) Under the Items section, you will add a new item. Here, you will select your listing type as Online/Mobile Auction. It’s suggested to add a category as “Raffle” to help guests easily navigate to the raffle tickets within your auction.

Setting up Raffle Tickets


Step 2) In your item set up, leave the starting bid blank and click “Add Buy it Now” to “Yes.” Then, add the quantity to match the number of tickets you are willing to sell, for example 500 raffle tickets.

Setting up Raffle Tickets2


We recommend providing raffle tickets purchasers a physical ticket(s) when they arrive, and pull a ticket the traditional way to determine a winner(s). We do not have the ability to randomly select a winner.

Setting up Raffle Tickets3


Raffle Tickets as a Ticket Type

Setting up Raffle Tickets4


This is found under the same auction account. First label your ticket name as Raffle, select the quantity you have available to sell and set your price. We recommend setting up your raffle tickets to be purchased in bulk.

For the example shown below: You can purchase a quantity of 1 which is a block of 10 tickets for $10.

Setting up Raffle Tickets56

As shown above click on “One buyer for bulk tickets”. This setting tells the system the tickets will be sold to one person in the bulk number specified.

Below is the view of how the purchaser will see the option of buying 1-10 blocks of 10 raffle tickets. The quantity maximum is determined by you in the “Tickets allowed per order” section. In this example guest maximum is 100 tickets (10 blocks of 10).


What if someone purchases the wrong ticket?

Easily view an invoice summary and issue refunds for online transactions when you click the Eye Icon in the Operations column. See step by step how to cancel/refund a ticket purchase if needed here.

You can download a complete guide on setting up your ticket plan here. Please also view our Video Training on selling tickets.