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Writing your Auction description can be challenging. Here you will find some samples to get you started. Use hashtags specific to your organization to promote on social media.

Sample 1)

Thanks for supporting our cause. To make a difference, please bid on auction items, give a cash donation, or simply share this auction on your social media using the hashtag, #charityauction

Sample 2) 

Thanks for visiting our auction. We appreciate your support. Want to help? You can spread the word by sharing our auction items on your social media channels. It only takes a tweet, a pin, or a Facebook share to make a difference. #charityauction #givingtuesday

Sample 3) 

We appreciate your support for our cause. Show your support by sharing to your social media channels, giving a cash donation, or bidding on auction items.

Sample 4)

Thank you for visiting our auction, please help support our cause by bidding on items, making cash donations or sharing our auction on social media.

Sample 5)

Thank you so much for checking out our online auction.

You can make an impact by bidding on items, making cash donations, or simply sharing our auction across your social media channels. #auctionforcharity