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Silent Auction Description Examples

So you’ve started building your auction and it’s time to fill out the description for the About field…and you’re stuck with a blank field. Not to worry: we understand that not everyone is a writer. We’ll help you craft an auction description that relays all the relevant information with style.

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Writing a great auction description will:

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Write a stronger silent auction description to impart important information

Whether you’re a veteran nonprofit organizer or a volunteer just starting out on this auction gambit, we can help you write a better silent auction description. Sometimes we see users skip this section: maybe they think their logo is enough for people to get the idea.

But we know that transparency is key with fundraising. People don’t want to give their hard-earned money to organizations that might not put it to good use. Even though you know you’re on the up and up, reassure your guests and donors that the funds you raise will benefit others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Especially if your organization is well known, you might not think it’s necessary to fill out the About section of your auction on our site. But you should keep in mind that computers can’t “read” the image of your logo. Not only would visually-impaired users not get the message, but search engines would be less likely to find it too, if a donor was searching for your auction link. 

An auction description doesn’t have to be long, but it needs to communicate the who, what, and why of your fundraiser so that potential donors know what they’re donating to and that you can be trusted with their donated funds.

A silent auction description should explain who you are (your organization or your name), why you’re raising money, and how the money will help your cause (whether it goes directly to people, animals, or helps offset your operating costs so you can keep on serving others). If you have an in-person event that’s accompanying your online silent auction, you should include the relevant details here, too.

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