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Staying in the Loop: Notifications for Bidders

In the dynamic world of auctions, timely notifications are crucial. Whether you’re away from the platform or actively monitoring an auction, we ensure you’re always informed about your bidding status.

1. Real-Time On-Page Notifications:

For those bidders who are actively logged in and watching the auction unfold in real-time:

  • Outbid Alerts: If another bidder places a higher bid on an item you’re vying for, an on-screen pop-up will alert you immediately. This allows for quick decisions and immediate actions.
  • Winning Bid Alerts: Once the auction ends, if you have the winning bid, a congratulatory on-screen pop-up will notify you of your victory. Celebrate and proceed with the next steps right away!

2. Outbid Notifications:

What? Alerts to inform you that another bidder has placed a higher bid on an item you’re interested in.


  • Email Congratulations: An email will be dispatched to congratulate you on your successful bid, providing details of the item won.
  • Text Message: A complementary text message will reinforce the good news.

Convenience Feature: The notifications will not only celebrate your win but also provide a direct link to pay your invoice. This ensures a smooth and swift transaction process.

Remember: Ensure your email and phone number are up-to-date in your profile to receive all notifications promptly. Happy bidding!


Outbid Auctions

Bidders will receive an outbid email and text message whenever they are outbid. Each notification will have links directly back to the item they were outbid on.

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Winning Bid

When a bidder wins an item they will be sent both a text and an email congratulating them on winning the item with a link to pay their invoice.Layer 11 1