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Is it required to have shipping?


You are not required to have shipping if you prefer to have item pick up. 

Pre Paid Plan: You can setup your auction with the option to Opt Out of Shipping.


Step 1) Go to “Edit” page.


Step 2) Click “Yes” next to “Pick up Available” and enter the pick up address.


Step 3) This will give the winning bidders an option to opt-out of the shipping cost and instead pick up the item at the given address.

Note: If you are on the Free Plan, opting out of shipping is not available. If shipping cost is added, all winning bidders will be charged the shipping fee.

Free Plan: If you choose a free plan and do not apply shipping you can invoice shipping after your auction closes for the winners that will require shipping. You must create an item labeled “Shipping”.

Step 1) Please add Shipping as a “View Only” item in your auction.

Step 2) Select “Yes” for Buy it Now and enter a value, this value can be updated and changed before you apply to the winning item. This value is not the confirmed shipping cost. Add the quantity that will cover the number of items you believe will need shipping.


Step 3) Select “No” to Add Shipping Cost.


Step 4) Return to your Add Items tab to view the shipping item. You will see a green trophy to the right. Please click on this to assign a “winner.”


Please enter the guest’s name and shipping value.

Step 5) Please visit your Invoices > View Invoices > and look for the orange “Pending” tag. These are the invoices attributed to the guests with shipping charges. Click “Yes” to charge the credit card or click the “Airplane” to send the invoice to your bidder.


**If you are going to charge cards on file please add to your auction terms so your winners are aware of the additional charge.



**Repeat as needed for the number of items that require shipping


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