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You can bundle items together to create one larger auction item, such as a Date Night package.

Follow the steps below to create a new bundle:

Step 1) From the “All Items” page, check all the items you want to bundle together. You will see a Bulk Actions drop down when you check the items. Next click, “Bundle Items”.

Bundle Multiple Items to Create One item


Step 2) In the Add/Edit Bundle popup, you can Create a New Bundle or Add the items to an Existing Bundle.

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Step 3) When you Create a New Bundle, you will be able to edit the bundle information for the new item. Important:When creating a bundle, it will count toward your total item count as 1 new item.


Step 4) When a new bundle is created, you will see a “Bundle” tag next to the item. You can view all the items in the bundle by clicking on the “Eye” icon.

Bundle Multiple Items to Create One item2

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