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Free Fundraiser Flyer Template

Design skills aren’t everyone’s forte, so we’ve created a clean-cut fundraiser flyer that you can customize for your event. Download it now, and find other flyer ideas on our blog post on the topic.

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When you use flyer templates you:

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Plan your fundraising promotion and use this free flyer template.

There are many aspects to promoting a fundraiser. We know it’s difficult to keep track of all the moving parts: your website, social media, emails. Sometimes the old-fashioned ways get lost in the shuffle. 

Fundraiser flyers can be printed off and posted at local libraries, community boards, and displayed by local businesses. They can be mailed to your donor pool, or even stapled to telephone poles. Getting the word out about your event is what really matters: use every tool at your disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Flyers aren’t just for printing out. You can also post them on social media, email them, and make them downloadable on your organization’s website, so other folks can help you spread the word. A clean and coherent flyer template can be a powerful tool that delivers the pertinent information in an eye-catching package.

Yep! Designing a flyer is hard so we made this template just for you.

Make sure that your fundraiser flyer includes:

  •  – Who or what will  benefit from your fundraiser
  • – Where your event is happening
  • – When it takes place
  • Important information about a theme or what to expect from your event. For example: “family friendly!” or “black tie gala dinner” or “featured artists include…”
  • – Your organization’s contact information
  • How/where to register or buy tickets
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Start by downloading our template and filling out the important details: when, where, who (will it benefit and who’s running it), and how (to buy tickets or participate). Then, copy and paste in any images that might be relevant (of your organization’s logo, local celebrities taking part, or the logo of businesses that are supporting the fundraiser). Make sure they aren’t too big or distracting from the overall message: “Come help us raise some dough!”

Charities and nonprofits are already using these templates to plan.

Use our samples and templates to boost your fundraising efforts and strengthen your work. Make your organization a powerhouse for change.