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by Yonghyun Lee, Unsplash

If you’re planning a silent auction or other fundraising event, you’ll want a clean, eye-catching fundraiser flyer to help spread the word (preferably a free one). Not crafty? Don’t worry, you don’t have to make a fundraiser flyer yourself! You can find hundreds of flyer templates on sites like Canva or VistaPrint. If you have access to Microsoft Office or Google Docs, you can also find lots of fundraiser flyer templates there that you can customize easily.

Canva flyer template

Canva’s “Beige Modern Illustration Fundraiser Charity Event Flyer”

Promoting your auction is important to its success. Use your flyer on your website and social media channels and print it out if you have access to great places to hang it up, or hand it out to people. Below we have some tips on where you can find these free fundraising flyer templates as well as some silent auction flyer examples you can feel free to copy!


How to Find Free Fundraiser Flyer Templates in Microsoft Office:

If you’re a Microsoft program and open a new document, the templates should appear below the New document (your mileage may vary depending on what version of Office you’re using and what program you’re in: this screenshot is from Word):

microsoft word screenshot

From here, you can even search for flyer templates:

microsoft word flyer template search results

How to Find Free Google Doc Flyer Templates:

This one’s a little easier, just make sure you’re logged into to your Google account and click the link below:

Google Docs Template Library

Now, there are slightly fewer types of templates in Google Docs. You’ll find letter templates that would be great donation request letters, like this one:

Donation Request Letter Template

But it might be difficult to find flyer templates, as Google Docs focuses a little bit more on resumes, meeting notes, and other professional communications.

screenshot of google templates

If you are planning a live fundraising event at your school or other nonprofit, you might want to consider pairing it with an online auction for charity. We have a tutorial on how to start an online auction for charity. This is a great way to increase your fundraising income.

Use the flyers to publicize a local event, advertise on social media and leave links to your online event. You will reach more people through social media. Many donors are homebound, and others just don’t have the time to make it to a live event.  When you combine the two, you will reach fundraising goals even faster. So, don’t just market your event for charity with a free fundraiser flyer– work social media channels too. Get the community involved! Ask everyone to share a link to your online fundraising auction.

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