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Auction Item Description Examples

  • Not everyone is a wordsmith, and it can be a challenge to describe your auction items in a way that does them justice. We have examples of great auction item descriptions that can help you with writing your own.
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Writing great auction item descriptions will:

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Write stronger auction item descriptions to garner interest

Not every organization has a copywriter at their disposal. And even if you do, they might be writing about an item or prize that they’re not familiar with at all! Never fear! We’re the experts on what makes a compelling item description and we’ve got some examples and best practices that will help you write strong, attention-grabbing descriptions.

Use our examples to see what to do (and what not to do) on your auction’s items. Get more bids with better descriptions that tell a bidder everything they might want to know about an item and its estimated value.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Not everyone might be able to see your item’s picture: many visually impaired people use screen readers to navigate the internet. Or, they might simple want more information than your picture displays: for example, they may wonder if it’s shippable or if they have to physically be there to pick it up. They might want to know who painted the painting and what inspired them. They might want to know the care instructions on a piece of glass, ceramic, or clothing. More detail is almost always better: just remember this is a paragraph or two of description, not your debut novel.

Yes, you can upload your auction items in bulk, we even have a spreadsheet template you can use to format your list so that it will upload to our platform seamlessly. Follow these instructions to do so.

Item descriptions can be brief as long as they convey the most important information. If you’re auctioning off a baseball signed by Babe Ruth, you’ll want to offer assurance that the item has been appraised as a real collector’s item and not a fake. If you’re auctioning off handmade art, like paintings, illustrations, or pottery, you might want to talk about how long the artist has been working their craft and what their inspiration for the work was. This may require some research on your part, but we know from experience that sparse item descriptions won’t sell as well.

Always include an estimated value: this helps bidders understand your set starting bid and can help them feel like they could potentially get a deal on something.

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