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Silent Auction Bid Sheets

Use our silent auction bid sheets at your in-person event. Although our platform has everything you need to host your auction virtually, we understand that sometimes charities and nonprofits need to keep things old school. Simply adjust the rows for bids in our downloadable document and hit print for a successful silent auction.

When you use our silent auctions bid sheets they can:

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Get organized with your printed auction bid sheets

In-person silent auctions require a way of tracking bids. No one is shouting out numbers, so you need paper bid sheets where bidders can write their name, contact information, and bids.

You might need to have staff or volunteers watch your bid sheets throughout your event, especially for high ticket items. But you should be able to let attendees browse your tables of gift baskets and other items at their own pace and then announce the winners at the end of your event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When you hold a silent auction you allow people to browse items at their leisure and bid quietly. This means you need paper bid sheets where bidders leave their name, phone number, and bid amount, or an online program that can tracks the same (like ours).

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A silent auction bid sheet should include:

  • The item name or title
  • It’s estimated value
  • The name of whomever donated the item
  • The starting bid amount
  • The minimum bid increments (this is optional)
  • Lines where bidders can clearly write their names, contact information, and their bid amount each time they bid
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