Mobile Bidding for School Fundraisers

Mobile bidding provides a great tool for school fundraisers and charity auctions.

Does your school have an annual fundraiser? or Fall and Spring ones to help reach all of your fundraising goals? Despite these efforts, schools may need additional fundraisers for local families in need, new band equipment, or as a community service endeavor to raise money for a charity. Of course, you want the community involved in your fundraising efforts, but let’s face it, parents get tired of buying cheese and trinkets.


Don’t worry about how to raise money for your school. Worry about how to allocate the funds!

It’s so easy to add an online fundraiser with mobile bidding. There’s no need to set up a planning committee and vote on the minuscule details. With our risk-free auction items, there’s no need to worry about time commitments or gathering donations to offer at auction. And, if you want to have a staff-only auction, there’s no need to waste time and money on advertising. In fact, you can have an auction up and running in under twenty-four hours.

Running an online fundraiser in conjunction with other charity fundraising efforts is easy with our online auction software. If your school has an annual fundraiser for sporting equipment, band, art supplies, or school uniforms, simply add an online auction to increase donations. You can even add a staff-only auction to raise money for a student in need.

“Don’t worry about how to raise money for your school. Worry about how to allocate the funds!”

How does it work? How will you collect money when teachers dig change out of their wallets? What if they want to use a credit card?

Online Auctions Spur Incentives to Donate

It’s easy! An online silent auction gives your staff an extra incentive to donate.

Whether you upload images of donated items your staff will appreciate – think gift cards to coffee shops, vouchers for homework graded by the school principal, or maybe the principal donates her primo parking space for a month- or choose from our risk-free auction items, an online silent auction is a stress-free option to raise money for your school’s needs easily.

Don’t worry about how to raise money for your school. Worry about how to allocate the funds! Teachers will have fun bidding against each other for those coveted items. Include the mobile app with your annual silent auction fundraiser to increase revenues. The app builds excitement as bidders bid in real time.

No start-up money is needed—not even a credit card. It only takes a few minutes to set up your account and get started for free. So, if you’ve been chosen as this year’s school fundraising captain, you’re in the right place.

The great thing about fundraising with CharityAuctionsToday is that you can accept credit card payments online within your auction, or you can directly collect payments from individuals. Our service allows you to collect cash payments, do payroll deductions, or accept personal checks in person! Yes, even all of that change in the bottom of your purse.

Spread the word via the teacher’s lounge bulletin board, flyers in the school cafeteria, emails, or after-school teacher’s meetings.

Be sure to ask everyone to download the mobile app for bidding so they won’t have to worry about getting outbid on their favorite items.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.