Optimizing Auction Fundraiser Pages for SEO

How do you promote an online charity auction? Auction pages should be optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Optimizing auction pages for SEO helps search engines find your charity auction fundraiser, which leads to more eyes on the page (pageviews.) To optimize your auction to receive more pageviews, you’ll need to put keywords in specific places. This keyword placement is key data that notifies the search engines how to find your page. In technical terms, this data is known as metadata and it helps to promote your online charity auction page fundraiser.


Charity Auctions Today presents ideas on how to promote your charity auction!

Integrate SEO into Your Online Auction Descriptions

When you upload your images and write your online silent auction description it is important to place keywords in key places to optimize your auction page for SEO and promote your online charity auction page. Since your goal is to achieve high auction bids, the description and placement of these keywords can make or break your fundraising goals. When someone types in a search term in a search engine like Google, a list of pages that match those search terms appears.

Optimizing auction pages for SEO can increase your rank in search results. For example, if someone types in a search for “Gift Certificate for School Fundraiser.” Search engines will populate a list of pages that are optimized for these keywords. Depending how well you’ve optimized your description and images, your auction page will appear in the list of recommended pages. The goal is to make your auction page appear on the first page of the search engine results so that you drive more traffic (pageviews) to your fundraising page.

Promote Your Charity Auction by Optimizing Search Engine Pages

When the search results pages appear, they show the title (heading) of your auction and the description you’ve entered. This information is called the meta description. Metadata within the auction page helps search engines understand what the website page is about.

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The image below shows how the populated results appear when a search for a specific keyword phrase is Googled.




Promote Online Charity Auction Page

So, how do you optimize your charity auction fundraiser with google-friendly metadata to get the most pageviews?

The URL is a important key element in SEO. A url is the link to your auction page. Below is the url to the auction listing from the above search. When writing your title, pay close attention to the arrangement of the keywords. “Aviator flight Fest 2018 Silent Auction.” is simple, to the point, and doesn’t include any stop words like “and.”

For Example: https://www.charityauctionstoday.com/auctions/aviator-flight-fest-2018-silent-auction-5648/items/sycamoreall-sportsfamilyseasonpass-103028

Here are the results of the search for Aviator flight Fest 2018 Silent Auction. You can see, that the auction appears on the first page in second position.


Title Tags display on the search engine results page as the blue clickable headline for the search result. The paragraph below this title is the Meta Description. This description is a summary of the content (text) on the searched page.

  • Meta Keywords tell a search engine how to determine the topic of a web page.
  • Image Title is the text that shows up when hovering over an image with the cursor. This title helps search engines find the image.
  • Image Alt Tag is the text that tells search engines what the image is about. This also helps search engines find the image.

what is keyword optimization

What is keyword Optimization?

To optimize for keyword searches, you’ll need to do some research to find out what keywords are being searched for your topic.

For keyword optimization, you’ll need to place keywords in specific places with your auction page. This keyword placement helps search engines determine how important the keywords are to your page. When keywords are repeated throughout the page, the search engines focus on those important words. This is why it is necessary to place the same keywords within the url, titles, image tags, descriptions, metadata, and the first paragraph of page text.

To find the keywords and phrases that people search the most for around your topic (auction item,) all you need to do is start typing in the search engine bar and let it populate a list of most searched keywords. There are more technical ways to do keyword research, but this simple step is the easiest way to target keywords for your metadata and text.

Search for a single world or an entire phrase to use as a keyword. Often keyword phrases serve better results in search results than single keyword terms do.

Once you’ve chosen a keyword or keyword phrase for your auction page, it is time to sprinkle it throughout your fundraising page in the key places detailed above. For this post, we chose to optimize for the keyword phrase, “promote your online charity auction.” Review the keyword phrase in bold throughout this post and then use this post as a template for keyword placement to optimize your charity auction fundraising page for SEO.

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