Simple Effective Inexpensive Fundraising Ideas

TANSTAAFL: ‘There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch’, so the saying goes. Charities aren’t exempt from this, having expenses. There are costs involved in administering a charitable organization. There are costs involved in running a charity drive. We all want to minimize these costs. The goal is to get as much of the donations received to the cause we are intent on helping. We need low cost fundraising ideas for charities.


Low cost fundraising ideas


What kind of costs are necessary to aid a charitable organization? It depends on the size of your organization and your goals. For instance, paid staff members will likely be necessary for a large organization in order to keep the order required for efficiency. Smaller organizations may be able to run on a purely volunteer basis, so long as there are dedicated volunteers and strong leadership.

But what about fundraising drives? Are there free or low cost fundraising ideas? In most cases, fundraising willhave at least some minimal costs. To administer a fundraiser, there will generally be certain items thathave to be purchased, versus donated, because of the specific nature of the item needed. The key is tolook for fundraising options that are mainly free to you. The following are some low cost fundraising ideas that are so good it is like they are practically free!


Low Cost Fundraising Ideas

Raffles. Raffles are a tried and true fundraising idea. The one cost outlay you will have is the purchase of raffle tickets. A roll of 2000 raffle tickets can be purchased at a store like Staples for $10.49, which is nominal in the grand scheme of things. Everything else for the raffle can be gathered through donations. Volunteers can donate their time to run the raffle. Business and supporters can be talked into giving good items that people will want to win in a raffle.

Rummage Sale. Of course, all the items sold are donated. Is it free? Possibly. You may want to spend a bit on advertising to bring in buyers. Then again, you may be able to get a local media outlet to run a story about it or put a free notice in their publication to let the public know to come and shop. Advertising on Craig’s List works too!

Bake Sale. This can be done for free. People like to bake. People like to eat. Usually putting a notice and promoting it with-in your organization is enough to get people to donate and to buy.  A bake sale isa great fundraiser to generate a modest amount of money.

Auction. Collecting items to auction is done in the same manner as a raffle, by asking for donations. The draw of the auction is that you know that you can get something if you outlay enough dough as opposed to a raffle. You may really want the raffle item, but it is all chance. Auctions can be done live, or they can be done virtually with Charity Auction Software.

Charity Auctions Today has an option with no upfront fees. A 5% fee is collected off the highest bid, which means no financial outlays to get it off the ground. While not technically free, it is still a great low cost fundraising option. Pop-up

Restaurants or Restaurant for a Day. If your organization has access to a kitchen, tables, and chairs, this fundraising idea can be virtually free. Like the other options, arrange to have the food and service items donated. Have volunteers cook and serve. Consider a small advertising budget, or look for free advertising opportunities.