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Do you need help setting up your ticketing event? Have questions on how to setup different ticket types?

You can download a complete guide on setting up your ticket plan Here. Please also view our Video Training on selling tickets.

Below you will find helpful steps and tips on setting up your Event Tickets.

STEP 1 – Visit your Edit tab. You will be prompted to enter your event details including event titlelocationdate and time. You can also choose to include a more detailed description about your event as well as information about your organization.

STEP 2 – You can create unlimited ticket types, sponsorships or donation options.

  1. Click on the ticket settings wheel below the Actions header to begin your ticket type creation. Here, you will be able to name your ticket, list the quantity available and the price per ticket.
  2. When it comes to fees, you will have the option to Absorb, Split or Pass On fees to your ticket purchaser also under the Actions header.

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When would I use the create a ticket package option?

Table Tickets – Offer table tickets by listing the number of seats available at the table and ticking the box to “create a ticket package.” This will allow the buyer to enter their guest information during the purchase process.

Bulk Tickets -Create bulk tickets when you want to sell a block of tickets such as for a raffle, wine pull etc. To create, tick the box for “one buyer for bulk tickets.” This will have a single buyer purchase multiple tickets but will not need to input any additional guest with a bulk ticket purchase.

Free -If not charging for tickets, allow your guests to confirm their attendance by including a free ticket type. Note, you cannot create free ticket package.

If you are having a dinner in your event and would like to gather food choices from your guests, you can do so by creating questions in the Additional Settings stage.

What if someone purchases the wrong ticket?

Easily view an invoice summary and issue refunds for online transactions when you click the Eye Icon in the Operations column. See step by step how to cancel/refund a ticket purchase if needed Here.

You can download a complete guide on setting up your ticket plan Here. Please also view our Video Training on selling tickets.

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