How to Enable the Pre-Register Credit Card Option

Allowing your bidders to have a credit card on file before bidding is a great way to speed up the end of the auction process.

Before a bidder can place a bid, they will be required to enter credit card details.

Here’s how to activate this feature: 

Step 1) Go to Event Settings > Auction Setup


You can export an Excel file of the reports per report page by clicking the “Export to Excel” button located on the right side of the page.

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Instructions or CLASSIC users:

Note: Pre-registered credit cards will only show once you have added your payment method.

Here’s how to activate this feature on the Classic version of our platform:

Step 1) Click “Auctions” then click on “Manage Auctions.”

Pre register credit card prior to bidding

Step 2) Click “Name” of your auction.

Step 3) Click “Edit Settings.”

Pre register credit card prior to bidding2

Step 4) Scroll down and find “Pre-register Credit Cards.” Click “Yes” to activate.

Pre register credit card prior to bidding3