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Get more buy-in from your audience by enhancing the look and feel of your auction page!

When an online auction is shared on social media channels, you have an opportunity to attract a larger pool of bidders. An attractive, easy-to-use auction platform is the foundation of a successful fundraising campaign

Not sure where to start? No worries! We are happy to help you design your page to match your vision.

Step 1) Add a Logo/Banner:  This is the image that welcomes potential bidders to your auction’s landing page. Let’s make it pop! To get started, click ‘Design Event’ on your auction’s Dashboard. Hover over the ‘LOGO/BANNER’ box on your auction page. Here, you will be prompted to upload a banner or logo. Consider using a banner that provides context for the auction, such as beneficiary/organization information.


Step 2) Upload a Main Image: Consider using an image that highlights your organization. In other words, show your bidders who they could help through participation in your auction. 


Step 3) Enter an Auction Title and Description: Be informative AND creative! Think of a fun, catchy title for your event, then give bidders insight into your organization through your description. To add/edit your title and description, click on the pencil icon next to the ‘Title’ field.