4 Strategies to Boost Mobile Giving Potential

Maximize Mobile Giving It’s no surprise that mobile giving has become a fundraising staple for large and small organizations alike. A recent study showed that 1 in 4 donors used mobile devices to discover nonprofits they previously weren’t aware of. Not to mention, 99% of texts are read within the first five minutes of receiving the message. So, how can you boost mobile giving?   Mobile fundraising can help you raise not only more money but also awareness for your organization’s cause and community projects.   What’s more, younger donors [...]

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Use Mobile Bidding at a Live Event to Increase Revenue

What is Mobile Bidding at a Live Event? Are you planning a live fundraising event? Do you currently have an online auction up and running or plan to use one in conjunction with your live event? If so, you may have come across the term mobile bidding at a live event. What is it? How can it benefit your fundraiser?     Mobile bidding at a live event encourages more bidding on your auction items. More bids are tallied and frankly, your bidders get more competitive. Think about it like [...]

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How to Name your Fundraiser

How to Create a Name for your Fundraising Event for Charity Wondering how to name your fundraiser? What’s in a name? If you are planning a fundraiser, there could be a lot of money in a name. What you name your fundraiser is important. Every fundraising event needs a good title. Of course, the name of your fundraiser should capture the attention of readers, but it should and can do much more. So, how do you come up with a name for your fundraiser?   Do your research. When planning [...]

Easy Ways to use Social Media to Boost Your Fundraiser

How can you use social media to boost a fundraiser? If you are fundraising for a charity, social media can be your best friend. Whether you have set up a business page (you should) or you use your personal social media profiles, social media is key to spread awareness about your online auction for charity. Here are some easy ways to use social media to boost your fundraising efforts.             Easy Ways to Use Social Media to Boost your Fundraiser   Tell your Story - [...]

School Event Ideas to Raise Money

Easy Event Ideas to Raise Money for Your School Whether you are looking for school event ideas to raise money for elementary, high school, or a college club, you want fundraising ideas that are quick and easy with proven results. It is difficult to launch a new fundraising idea that isn't proven when you need money fast. It takes money to make money, right? Cheap fundraising ideas for schools are a necessity. We've come up with a list of over three-hundred school fundraisers that are simple, proven, and often unique to [...]

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Online Auctions for Fundraising

Bid on Online Auctions for Fundraising for Charities So, by now you know that Charity Auctions Today is an online fundraising tool. We are the software for your online school fundraiser. If you are wondering, how do I start an online auction we have a tutorial: click here. Within our platform, we service schools and other non-profits, but you don't have to be a non-profit to run an online silent auction. Today, we thought we'd share some of our most popular online auctions for fundraising. Many of them have open [...]

Mobile Fundraising 101

Mobile Fundraising At this point, more people are surfing the web on their mobile phones than they are on their desktops. What does this mean for your organization? It means that it’s time for you to step into the future of charitable giving. Now that’s not to say that fundraising letters and other traditional methods of raising money are completely a thing of the past. They still have their time and place. What it does mean, though, is that every nonprofit must come to embrace at least one form of mobile giving. Your donors are [...]

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What is Mobile Fundraising for Schools?

Mobile Fundraising for Schools Everyone hates school fundraisers. At least the ones with flyers full of candles, cheese, or junk. School carnivals and special events are fun for the kids, but parents and extended family often feel pressured to attend. So many times, people say, ‘ just let me make a donation’. With today’s busy schedules, many prefer that to buying tickets to a crowded event or getting one more magnet for the fridge. Make it easier with mobile fundraising for schools. Carnivals and special events are good for building [...]

Mobile Giving Solutions

What is a Mobile Giving Solution? Did you know Charity Auctions Today is also mobile giving app? Charity Auctions Today recently acquired Mobile Smart Bids. With the mobile giving trends and mobile giving options, what could be smarter? As a service provider for mobile giving software, we know what works. Mobile giving solutions are not only on trend, they are the future of fundraising.   Photo courtesy of Wikimedia. We’ve made certain that our platform is user-friendly. If you want to do mobile fundraising for nonprofits, you want to use Charity Auctions [...]

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Fundraising Sites for Schools

What are the Best Fundraising Sites for Schools? Remember when the school fundraiser meant cheese and sausage or a variety of candles? The old stand bys still work, but aren't always allowed. The once popular fall carnival, spaghetti night, or door to sales of classic junk you can find at a dollar store, are fading fast. No one wants to send the kids door to door. Sure, the scouts still set up outside of stores, but it isn't as easy for regular kids. Those incentives for winning aren't so coveted anymore. [...]