Businesses that Help Fundraise

Businesses that Help the Community Many local businessess and national chains help fundraise within their communities. They give back to the community. They help with fundraising efforts, volunteer their time, or donate items to nonprofits. What’s the catch? You have to ask. Generally, they require only a written request on company letterhead or filling out forms to request a donation. They don’t always advertise this service, sometimes you have to do some sleuthing. Good news, we did the hard work for you. Here is a list of businesses that help fundraise.   [...]

Matching Donation Companies for School Fundraisers

What are Matching Gifts? If you want to make a monetary donation to your school, but don't feel like it will have an impact, you need to check with your employer to find out their matching gift donation policy. Many companies offer matching gifts as a part of their corporate giving program. So, will your company match your charitable donation? We're sharing a list of corporations that match donations for school fundraisers. If you don't see your employer on the list, be sure to check with them on their matching [...]

Risk Free Auction Items

Risk-free items: A Definitive Guide You've probably noticed county fairs or special events giving away some big ticket items. Sometimes they raffle off a motorcycle or an ATV and sometimes they raffle off a trip to an exotic location. These types of items draw a lot of attention and sell lots of tickets, but the organization takes a huge risk. The premise is easy, sell enough tickets to cover the cost of the item and then some, but that doesn't always happen! Many times the charity fundraiser is lucky to [...]

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