5 Smart Ways to Use Fundraising Tech in Your Campaign

5 Smart Ways to Use Fundraising Tech in Your Campaign     Everyone knows that fundraising is one of the most crucial parts of your organization’s strategy. No matter if you’re fundraising for a sports team, a nonprofit, or for something else entirely, raising money is vital to reaching your goals. Nowadays, there are a thousand and one ways to raise money. Between the newer, technology-based methods and the traditional in-person asking tactics, it’s not hard to get overwhelmed by all the options! That’s why we’ve compiled this list of [...]

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Mobile Bidding at Live Event to Increase Revenue

Use Mobile Bidding at Your Live Event to Increase Auction Revenue Looking for ways to liven up that annual gala? I have two words for you…MOBILE BIDDING. Not sure what that means? Read on. This post will tell you what you need to know to about mobile bidding and how it can benefit your fundraiser. Are you ready? Lets go. ___ ___ First things first…What is Mobile Bidding at a Live Event? Mobile bidding is bidding for items on your mobile phone. It’s that simple. It’s putting your auction in [...]

How to Name your Fundraiser

How to Create a Name for your Fundraising Event for Charity Wondering how to name your fundraiser? What’s in a name? If you are planning a fundraiser, there could be a lot of money in a name. What you name your fundraiser is important. Every fundraising event needs a good title. Of course, the name of your fundraiser should capture the attention of readers, but it should and can do much more. So, how do you come up with a name for your fundraiser?   Do your research. When planning [...]

Asking for Donations: 9 Best Practices

Best Asking for Donation Practices We get it: asking for donations is no walk in the park, especially if you’re a smaller nonprofit with staff that has to wear lots of different hats. Your organization has a million and one things to accomplish during the day, and fundraising can seem like a daunting priority. Abby Jarvis, of Qgiv shares her 9 best practices when asking for donations. It doesn’t have to be that way, though!   Asking for donations of any kind can be easy if you have a game plan [...]

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Fundraising Sites for Schools

What are the Best Fundraising Sites for Schools? Remember when the school fundraiser meant cheese and sausage or a variety of candles? The old stand bys still work, but aren't always allowed. The once popular fall carnival, spaghetti night, or door to sales of classic junk you can find at a dollar store, are fading fast. No one wants to send the kids door to door. Sure, the scouts still set up outside of stores, but it isn't as easy for regular kids. Those incentives for winning aren't so coveted anymore. [...]

How to Get Volunteers and Keep Them

Get Volunteers, Keep Volunteers   You have a great new vision for your organization! This idea is going to help you better achieve your dedicated mission. Charitable organizations, like yours, run on volunteer power. You need to get volunteers to implement this great new idea. You know that people are already involved, already spending their time helping the organization out, and they may be reluctant to commit to something new. Getting and keeping volunteers is key to your success. You need a strategy to get the people that you will need involved and [...]

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How to Get Students Involved: Fundraisers

If you are planning a highschool or college fundraiser, you've already discovered how difficult it is to get teens and college students involved. They are often busy with other extra-curricular activities, non-interested, or apathetic. What can you do to get students invovled with your fundraising event? We've got some tips that will keep you hip, in the know, and organizing a strong group of student volunteers. So, how do you get students involved in fundraisers?                               [...]

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The Definitive Guide to Online Auctions

The Definitive Guide to Online Auctions Online Auctions are the modern way to raise money. They are the perfect and easy to manage solution for school fundraisers, supporting a cause or helping a friend in need. We are going to take you through the steps of how to set up and manage your auction from the comfort of your own home or office. We are going to show you how to try our platform for FREE before you commit to any plans. Without a sales call or pushy sales person. [...]

Fundraising Auction Sources

If you are looking for donations for a school fundraiser or other charity auction, you know it can be difficult. You'll need to make lots of phone calls, drive around town, and search endless websites. Well, today is your lucky day. We've done all the searching for you. Here is a great list of Fundraising Auction Sources. Whether you want items for a silent auction, an in-house raffle, or you just want to find a website where you can organize and set up an online auction for free, we've got [...]

Volunteer Fundraising Management

Managing Fundraising Volunteers You may have more VOLUNTEERS than you know what to do with or you may have trouble finding volunteers. Either way, you will need to get organized and find a way to manage volunteers. Managing volunteers is challenging. It is a full-time job with benefits! Often, every volunteer signs up of the same job. They are only volunteering because the job looks fun or will look good on a resume. Your job is to find a way to entice them into other positions that aren't so fun, [...]

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