How to Name your Fundraiser

How to Create a Name for your Fundraising Event for Charity Wondering how to name your fundraiser? What’s in a name? If you are planning a fundraiser, there could be a lot of money in a name. What you name your fundraiser is important. Every fundraising event needs a good title. Of course, the name of your fundraiser should capture the attention of readers, but it should and can do much more. So, how do you come up with a name for your fundraiser?   Do your research. When planning [...]

4 Top Tips For Using Social Media To Boost Your Fundraiser

4 Top Tips For Using Social Media To Boost Your Fundraiser Want to learn how to use the various social media platforms to boost your fundraising results? Then you’re in the right place. Today I am going to give you four tips that you can use across all social media platforms designed to boost your fundraising results. Then I’m going to dive a bit deeper into the top three: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And I’m going to give you even more tips! By the end of this read, you will [...]

3 Emails to Turn Auction Bidders into Monthly Donors

3 Emails to Turn Auction Bidders into Monthly Donors Picture this: you’ve just pulled off a successful charity auction and have a whole new group of bidders just waiting to become nonprofit donors. Of course, you could solicit them right away to make a donation. Or you could play the (only slightly!) longer game of cultivating monthly donors! The past few years have seen a huge uptick in the growth of monthly nonprofit donors. In fact, in 2015, revenue from monthly giving increased by 24-percent, while revenue from one-time giving [...]

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Best Charity Auction Software Sites

Top 12 Charity Auction Software Sites If you are planning a charity auction, and you weren’t born in a cave, you’ve probably started searching for charity auction software sites. What makes one online charity auction website better than another? Well, it depends on your goals. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a guide for the top 12 online fundraising sites that use charity auction software. *Prices below are subject to change. Top 12 Online Fundraising Websites 1) CharityAuctionsToday is a mobile and online auction company that provides a unique fundraising platform for individuals, [...]

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What is Mobile Fundraising for Schools?

Mobile Fundraising for Schools Everyone hates school fundraisers. At least the ones with flyers full of candles, cheese, or junk. School carnivals and special events are fun for the kids, but parents and extended family often feel pressured to attend. So many times, people say, ‘ just let me make a donation’. With today’s busy schedules, many prefer that to buying tickets to a crowded event or getting one more magnet for the fridge. Make it easier with mobile fundraising for schools. Carnivals and special events are good for building [...]

Free Fundraiser Flyer

Printable Free Fundraiser Flyer Template If you're planning a fundraising event, you'll want a nice free fundraiser flyer to help spread the word. Not crafty? Don't worry, you don't have to make a fundraiser flyer yourself! We found some great, free printable fundraiser flyers for schools and nonprofits. Just choose, click, and print the best flyer for your next event! If you are feeling creative, create your own flyer online with sites like Canva, Picmokey, or VistaPrint.     Free Event Flyer Templates: Lunch Fundraiser Flyers Free Invitation Flyers Free Bake Sale [...]

Mobile Giving Solutions

What is a Mobile Giving Solution? Did you know Charity Auctions Today is also mobile giving app? Charity Auctions Today recently acquired Mobile Smart Bids. With the mobile giving trends and mobile giving options, what could be smarter? As a service provider for mobile giving software, we know what works. Mobile giving solutions are not only on trend, they are the future of fundraising.   Photo courtesy of Wikimedia. We’ve made certain that our platform is user-friendly. If you want to do mobile fundraising for nonprofits, you want to use Charity Auctions [...]

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Fundraising Sites for Schools

What are the Best Fundraising Sites for Schools? Remember when the school fundraiser meant cheese and sausage or a variety of candles? The old stand bys still work, but aren't always allowed. The once popular fall carnival, spaghetti night, or door to sales of classic junk you can find at a dollar store, are fading fast. No one wants to send the kids door to door. Sure, the scouts still set up outside of stores, but it isn't as easy for regular kids. Those incentives for winning aren't so coveted anymore. [...]

How to Get Volunteers and Keep Them

Get Volunteers, Keep Volunteers   You have a great new vision for your organization! This idea is going to help you better achieve your dedicated mission. Charitable organizations, like yours, run on volunteer power. You need to get volunteers to implement this great new idea. You know that people are already involved, already spending their time helping the organization out, and they may be reluctant to commit to something new. Getting and keeping volunteers is key to your success. You need a strategy to get the people that you will need involved and [...]

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Businesses that Help Fundraise

Businesses that Help the Community Many local businessess and national chains help fundraise within their communities. They give back to the community. They help with fundraising efforts, volunteer their time, or donate items to nonprofits. What’s the catch? You have to ask. Generally, they require only a written request on company letterhead or filling out forms to request a donation. They don’t always advertise this service, sometimes you have to do some sleuthing. Good news, we did the hard work for you. Here is a list of businesses that help fundraise.   [...]