How The Paddle Raise Feature Works

Easy to Setup

Takes less then 5 minutes to setup.

Mobile or Traditional Paddle Raise

Take donations electronically or by bidder numbers.

Easy Invoicing & Receipts

Tax receipts will be created and sent by email.

Fast Checkout

Charge everyone's credit card for fast checkout.

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Paddle Raise Software That Works With or Without an Auctioneer

Depending on your event, choose between a traditional paddle raise or a mobile paddle raise. Both work great with or without the help of an auctioneer.

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Traditional Paddle Raise

This type of paddle raise works well if you're using our Live Auction Management features and assigning everyone a bidder number with a bidder paddle. As the auctioneer is calling out donation amounts, you can easily enter the bidder numbers into our system.

As you hit submit, we'll create invoices and update the leaderboard in real time with the new donation amounts.

traditional paddle raise

You will also be able to run reports, make edits and fix any mistakes from this page.

Mobile Paddle Raise

When using the mobile paddle raise, it's always a good idea to have an auctioneer or DJ hyping up the crowd and getting the guests to push the button on their phone. Make sure you have the "Paddle Raise leaderboard" projected onto a screen in the room for everyone to see.

Mobile Paddle Raise Settings

Setting up your mobile paddle raise is easy. Tell our system your goal amount, enter up to 6 preset donation amounts and select the option for "Other". This will allow the guests to donate any amount they wish.

mobile paddle raise

Getting Bidders to the Paddle Raise Page

Most users run this mobile paddle raise along with a mobile auction. When guests are logged in and bidding on items at the mobile auction, make an announcement to click on the Paddle Raise tab.

mobile paddle raise

Let the Donations Begin!

Now it's time to get the announcer to start hyping the crowd. With each push of the button, donation amounts will be added to invoices and the leaderboard will be updated.


As donations start to pour in, the donation totals will increase in real time. We even show the donor's name with each donation giving them recognition.

mobile paddle raise

Check out

Mobile paddle raises are a fun way to get the crowd involved and automate the paddle raise process. At the end of the night, you can easily charge everyone's pre-registered credit card to eliminate long checkout lines.

Affordable Auction Plans

Every auction is different. Choose a plan that fits your needs & budget.

Starter Plan
Performance Fee: 5%
Unlimited Auction Items
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Ultra Plan
Performance Fee: 1%
250 Auction Items
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Credit Card Fees Explained

We've partnered with Stripe & PayPal to process payments.

Credit Card Fee

2.9% + 0.30
Per transaction. +1% for AMEX

Credit Cards

A Performance Fee of

1%, 2% or 5%
per invoice total based on your auction plan above


Do you have any questions? We’ve got answers

Can I create a test auction?

Yes, when you create a free account you can upload up to 5 items and place 2 bids per item to test the outbid notifications. During this time you can test the bidding process, reporting and invoicing.

Can I run an auction without a contract?

Absolutely. We don't believe in contracts and feel contracts are just used to lock you into a bad deal. We let our platform speak for itself.

Can I get started without talking to a sales person?

Yes. We actually don't have one sales person on staff. You'll never be called by a pushy sales person trying to get you to sign up. When you test us out, you will see how easy it is to use.

Why are you so cheap?

We use the latest technology, don't have the extra expense of sales people and we don't advertise. We run a lean company focusing on providing value and low cost solutions to our customers. We've grown every year because of returning customers and customer referrals.

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