How Online Auctions Work

No one makes running an online auction easier!

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One Auction Platform For All Your Devices

It doesn’t matter if you only have 1 item that someone donated or a 1000 items. Our platform makes it easy to get your items online and generating bids quickly.

Charity auction software

Why Run an Online Auction? Online auctions are a great way to get items online quickly to generate bids. It is also less expensive than running a live silent auction. Bidders can bid from anywhere in the world.

Creating Auctions is Easy

The Auction Setup Wizard only takes 5 minutes to complete and your auction is ready to add items.

How the auction setup wizard works

Is it really that easy? Yes, we took years of data and found all the pain points people had when creating online auctions. We take the stress out of creating auctions and built our platform around the need to simplify the process.

Choose an Auction Plan

When you're ready to start using Charity Auctions Today, choose an Auction Plan and tell us how you would like to receive auction payouts. We can Direct Deposit all funds into your bank account within 48 hours, or you can Request a Paper Check by mail.

Are there any hidden fees? No, all of our pricing and fees are laid out on our pricing page. You can choose a free plan where we just take a small performance fee or, if the auction is going to raise over 20K, we have pre-paid plans to help lower your costs.

Upload Items

There are 3 ways to add items into our system.

  1. Enter items one by one.
  2. Import items in bulk.
  3. Create an auction link and have your donors submit items online. Once you edit and approve, items will be live.

What if I don't have all my items yet? No Problem, you can continue to add items even when your auction has launched. If you need items, we have partnered with some great companies that will give you items on consignment so you can list them Risk Free.

Design Your Auction Website

The auction designer will create a great looking auction every time. Choose between 12 predesigned themes or have your designer match the look and feel of your website.

online auction designer

I'm not a designer? No problem, that's why we created the 12 pre-designed themes. Just click on the design you like and preview it in our design editor. Again, we make things easy ;)

Share Your Auction With The World

When setting up your auction can you choose between a public or private auction. A Public Auction will list your auction on our website and be available to our bidder community. A Private Auction is only available to bidders who receive your auction link. With built in Social media tools, you can unleash your auction to anyone you wish.

What if I don't know anything about social media? That's Okay! The best thing about our site is your bidders will take care of that for you. We placed social share buttons throughout your auction to promote sharing. You can just sit back and relax while your bidders share the auction for you.

Out Bid Notifications

Any time a bidder is out bid, our system will send them an out bid notification email. If the bidder opted in to receive text notifications from us, we will also send an out bid text notification with a link directly back to the item. This will allow bidders to rebid from anywhere.

Are out-bid text notifications free? Yes, we don't nickle and dime you for every little thing. We have a vested interest in your auction succeeding. We will help you any way we can to make sure it's successful.

End of Auction Process

When the auction ends, the system will generate and send invoices by email and text message. As bidders make a payment, invoices will be marked as paid in real time. To speed up invoice payments you can force bidders to have a credit card on file before they bid.

Is CharityAuctionsToday the right choice for me? Yes, we started in 2007 and know what is takes to help our clients run successful auction. As you probably learned by now, our platform is the easist to use. It's time to to take the next step and join the Charity Auctions Today family!

Affordable Auction Plans

Every auction is different. Choose a plan that fits your needs & budget.

Auction Plan Starter
Performance Fee: 5%
Unlimited Auction Items
Online Auction Features

Auction Plan Ultra
Performance Fee: 1%
250 Auction Items
Online Auction Features
Live Auction Features
For Larger Plans & Live Event Management Features
Call for more information 630-791-0243. Start For Free

Credit Card Fees Explained

Credit Card Fee

2.9% + 0.30
Per transaction. +1% for AMEX

Credit Cards

A Performance Fee of

1%, 2% or 5%
per invoice total based on your auction plan above


Do you have any questions? We’ve got answers

Can I create a test auction?

Yes, when you create a free account you can upload up to 5 items and place 2 bids per item to test the outbid notifications. During this time you can test the bidding process, reporting and invoicing.

Can I run an auction without a contract?

Absolutely. We don't believe in contracts and feel contracts are just used to lock you into a bad deal. We let our platform speak for itself.

Are these the only fees you charge?

Yes. We make our fees very easy to understand. You just pay the credit card processing rate plus the performance fee based on the plan selected above.

Why are you so cheap?

We use the latest technology, don't have the extra expense of sales people and we don't advertise. We run a lean company focusing on providing value and low cost solutions to our customers. We've grown every year because of returning customers and customer referrals.

Trusted by 4500+ of the world's top Nonprofits & Schools

Our team has worked with organizations, large and small, from around the world. Below is a sample list of the clients who trusted us to manage and run their online, mobile and live auctions.

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