Silent Auction Ideas


Silent Auction Ideas Don't Have To Be Complicated. We Make Them Easy!


In addition to the silent auction ideas mentioned below, we have hundreds more to choose from. All are tried and true.


Theme baskets You’ve probably only considered tip of the iceberg in the silent auction ideas realm. In addition to new arrival baskets, you can offer holiday-themed baskets during appropriate times of the year; movie theme baskets (Batman, Spiderman, Narnia—whatever’s hottest at the time you want to raise funds); baker’s baskets, beach, ski and cowboy/cowgirl baskets; emergency survival baskets; gardening and camping baskets; game baskets; sports team baskets, and learn to sew/knit/crochet baskets. Crafts and handmade gifts from local artisans See if you can get local artists to create one-of-a-kind greeting cards, baby, toddler, child, teen and adult clothes, hats, and socks; pottery; purses; shopping bags, quilts. And if you can get them to tie in their creations to the theme of your silent auction, so much the better! (Just be sure to give them plenty of advance notice. Don’t wait until November to ask for Christmas or Hanukkah quilts, towels, jerseys or other items.)


Involve your community in every way possible with your silent auction ideas. Recruit local businesses to offer gift certificates for the products and services they provide. What harried mom wouldn’t love a massage or a visit to a day spa? Hard-working tradesmen and chair-bound employees would enjoy a chiropractic adjustment. See if a grocery store will offer a gift certificate for $50 or $100 in groceries or if a national chain will offer a certificate for clothes, music, DVDs, gardening tools or supplies, or other popular items. Restaurants are another source.


If there is a museum or live theater nearby, tap them for freebees to support your cause, too.


Every region offers tours. Bakeries, breweries and candy makers usually offer tours. If you live in wine country, offer a trip to a regional winery, tasting included. Historic districts are always-popular tourist destinations; and by offering one or more Halloween-themed tours you can watch the bidding skyrocket! If there isn’t one in your area, consider creating one yourself; then, charge to go through it and pocket the proceeds for your cause.


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  • Allow Pre-bidding before live event for increased starting bids
  • Create and Print Bid Sheets for live event
  • List items online for viewing and print item catalogs
  • Electronic bidding so people can still bid from home
  • Register attendees online before live event
  • Bidder Number automatically assigned
  • Easily sign up donors and sponsors online
  • Easy Invoicing after event
  • Pre-register credit cards
  • Send mass emails to bidders
  • Sell event tickets or collect pledges
  • Project countdown clock and current bids onto screen
  • Easy registration and checkout for bidders
  • Track donor contributions from both online and live events
  • Email donors thank you letters and receipts
  • Easily accept new donated items online
  • You collect your own money and owe us NOTHING!
  • Add multiple admin users to allow other volunteers to add items
  • And so much more!
Silent Auction Ideas

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  • Sell tickets to live events
  • Donation page built in
  • Pre-Bidding, list items for pre-bid before live event. Bid sheets available
  • 7 built-in viral features to let your visitors spread the word about your auction
  • Allow visitors to donate items to your auction
  • Collect cash donations
  • Sponsor ads. Easily add sponsor ads and sign up potential sponsors
  • Built-in fundraising goal or progress thermometer
  • Create catalogs for live events
  • List your items as view only before live event

Basic Auction Features


  • Easy Category Creator. Create your own categories
  • Picture upload and hosting. Upload up to 4 item pictures
  • Reserve price feature
  • Buy It Now feature
  • Custom auction start times
  • Custom auction end times
  • Collect payment online through Paypal or Vanco services
  • Or collect payment off-line through cash, check, or credit card
  • List the high ticket items as featured
  • Easily upload items from excel spreadsheet
  • Pre-filled item information for quickly adding new items
  • Import items from excel spreadsheet
  • Straight bidding process
  • Set your own bid increments or use our default increments
  • And much more