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Do you want Charity Event Ideas that help you raise the most money? Then you have come to the right place. Watch the video to the right to get started on everything you need to setup and run a successful Charity Event. After you watch the video, we have written out all the details you need to setup and run a live or online charity event below. Get all the charity event ideas you need to run a successful charity event.

Virtually any charity can use silent auctions and other charity event ideas as a great means of fundraising to support their charitable cause.  In fact, organizing and running a silent auction is much easier than it may seem, especially if you’re hosting your auction online with a fundraising strategy.  Here is a simple outline of silent auction basics necessary in order for you to properly plan and execute your next non profit fundraising event.


Create your auction committee.

The first thing you’ll need to do is get some excited volunteers from your group to help you plan and run the occasion.  Make sure you have plenty of people and that all tasks will easily be covered.  If you need to bring in more people later on to help, that’s fine.  Start out, though, with a strong, dedicated group, and assign leadership roles to those who will be in charge of managing and publicizing the event. 


Solicit item donations.

To keep costs low, get your members to ask around in attempts to get the public, local businesses, or others to donate items for your auction.  In exchange for donated items, you can offer businesses free publicity during your event and in your marketing materials.  This is a great way to inspire them to donate.  Try to get all offers for donations in writing, when possible, or collect the items on the spot.


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