Pink & Green Murano Glass Earrings

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Pink & Green Murano Glass Earrings
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Pink & Green Murano glass sliver plated beads with pink rondelle crackle glass beads and green swarovski crystal bicones on sterling silver headpins with surgical steel ear hooks

Donated and Made by: Jennifer Olberg / Imaginative Beading

I have struggled with AS since the mid 90's. I went from Sports Medicine doctors, to Neurologists and finally to a Rheumatologist who for over 10 years was trying to diagnose my disease. He thought I had AS but could not medically prove it due to xray's, bone scan's, mri's and other tests that continually came back "normal" and were not showing anything abnormal. However, the blood test for HLAB-27 did come back positive but my doctor would officially diagnose me on paper with AS. I was in so much pain on a daily basis and at times I could not even walk. I was tried on many different NSAID's which destroyed my stomach and have since had to have surgery for. Finally, I switched primary care physician's and was referred to a different Rheumatoligst who within 1 visit diagnosed me with AS. It is in my SI joints and lumbar spine. I am on remicade infusions every 4 weeks since the enbrel didn't work for me and the 8 and 6 week maintenance program of Remicade was not holding off the flare up's. Because of the lack of medical care I received with my first rheumatologist, I am now medically disabled and unable to work and do not qualify for SSI disability because I have to prove I was disabled back in 2001 due to my eligibility date and my doctor back then will not cooperate with my current doctor's even though when he saw me for most of my appointments I was either in a wheelchair or using a walker because the disease was that bad back then as well. The Remicade has definately helped, but for so many years with no definate answer and in chronic pain, I thought I was going crazy. I still have flare ups, though not as often, and deal with daily pain, though not as debilitating on a daily basis. The fatigue and lack of energy prevents me from doing many daily tasks such as cleaning my house and running errands on a regular basis. I know I am not alone in this battle, I have an Uncle and a cousin with the same disease. I have seen and follow many of the posts on the website. I thank god for everyday I have that I can walk and be up and around. It is my great pleasure to donate to this wonderful organization !!! Bless you all.

Dedicated to: Gordon McAlpin, Uncle - I Love you!
Stacy Pilkington - Cousin - I Love you!

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Pink & Green Murano Glass Earrings

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