Sea to Sky (Angela Bueckert, PRO)

Paper: Watercolour Size: 11"x14" Medium: Watercolour and Ink

"Sea to Sky" in this context is a both play on names with the local scenic highway in British Columbia where you can see the ocean, as well as how our ecosystems work together. In this illustration, I demonstrate how our trash and oil that ends up in our oceans makes it's way back onto land and affects life as it goes. Water from our seas evaporates into the clouds and becomes rain, which then pollutes the forests and pristine areas. Unfortunately, micro plastics have been found in rain water even in back country spaces, so this painting's meaning only becomes more relevant as time goes on. My focus on the Orca was to remind us of the majesty we still have still worth saving in our oceans. Signed with name, date and comments added on back of paper by artist.

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