River Otter, Sea Otter and Asian Small Clawed Otter (Original Series)

A set of 3 acrylic paintings on canvas each 8" x 18" ( x 3 = 24" x 18"). This series was painted in 2019 and shown in the 2020 Women in Art Exhibit at the Kariton Art Gallery in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Two of the three species of otters depicted here are endangered or threatened. Wildlife is affected by all the negative impacts people king have on this planet. The river otter is the only one here with a stable population, we need to come together and do better for our planet. * Opening bid includes $60 for shipping within North America. International buyers are responsible for additional shipping costs.

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  • Starting Bid: CAD490.00
  • Value: CAD900.00
  • Starts In: 15 Days
  • End Time: 11/12/2020 05:00 PM PST
  • Auction Starting Soon

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