Flyaway Turtle Fly Sheet with Neck Cover - 78"

1 Turtle Neck Flyaway Turtle Sheet & Neck Protector

size 78”

The Fly Turtle is constructed of a unique thermoset nylon mesh that combines extreme lightweight with incredible durability. It is almost like wearing nothing at all yet it provides 60% UV protection. It has a very fine mesh that prevents the smallest of insects from biting through. It does not cling to the horse like other brands which allows air to flow through freely. The neck protector is included with each fly sheet.

If your horse is allergic to bites from Gnats, Midges, Mosquitoes, No See Ums, or other flying insects then this fly sheet is an excellent choice. It has deep sides with a belly flap on each side that can be wrapped underneath and secured with our elastic straps for more protection. It is highly breathable and will allow any breeze to easily flow through it. The mesh fabric is waterproof and will not retain moisture.

Kindly donated by Debra Dealquaz

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