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A high-performance car and a place to use it, the dream of every enthusiast! Our One Day program provides even more than that with instructors keen on pushing students to extract everything possible from a prepared car on a slippery surface. Beginning with basic skill development and progressing to handling a car at speed on a gravel road, students walk away with advanced car control skills that transfer to every driving situation.

DirtFish Rally School is not your ordinary driving school; it is an unforgettable, unique experience that gives you confidence behind the wheel while having the time of your life! Open seven days per week, year-round, DirtFish welcomes anyone and everyone to stop by and check out our gorgeous facility and watch rally cars in action! Driving Programs available range from a bucket-list Two Hour program all the way up to our most popular Three Day program, offered in both all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive rally cars with a TON of driving time. We offer amazing team-building and corporate events for every budget as well as driving programs for the daily driver, new driver, professional driver, teen or adrenaline junkie! Give us a call at 866-285-1332 or visit www.DirtFish.com. We look forward to meeting you!

Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range in the scenic town of Snoqualmie, WA, DirtFish Rally School was established in 2010 with the idea that the exciting sport of rally should be accessible to everyone. Armed with an immaculate fleet of turbocharged, all-wheel-drive cars, right from the beginning DirtFish was equipped to share with anyone the excitement of what a real rally car can do on a loose surface. In the fall of 2014, DirtFish embellished their offerings with the launch of rear-wheel drive programs. Similar in nature to the all-wheel drive programs, the precise and very sideways action the classes offer provides an entirely different challenge for drivers of every background. Ever since, DirtFish has become the most prestigious rally school in North America, providing the highest level of instruction, top level cars and gorgeous facilities all year round.

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