VOLCANO - Proceeds Donated to The Global BrightLight Foundation

Artist and Hawaiian surfer Danielle Zirk has brought the Slightly Stoopid tune "One Bright Day" to life with these beautiful paintings. They are featured in the official lyric video for that track, and are available for purchase only through this auction. The highest bid will be donated to The Global BrightLight Foundation, providing practical, affordable solar energy solutions to rural communities that currently lack access to electricity.

From the artist:
"In the moon, there is a traditional Hawaiian Star Compass.This compass that is the foundational framework for the Hawaiian’s way-finding, for sailing. The Star Compass revolves around the rising and setting points of the sun, stars, moon, and planets. You orientate yourself by first locating the arriving horizon, East, the side on the horizon celestial bodies arrive at. Next you identify the entering horizon, West, the side on the horizon celestial bodies enter into. The arriving horizon is called Hikina and the entering horizon is called Komohana, literally “To Arrive” and “To Enter” in Hawaiian. You stand with your back towards Hikina, East, and you face Komohana, West, if you extend your right hand from the side of your body it points to ʻĀkau, which means “Right or North”. If you extend your left hand from the side of your body it points to Hema, which means “Left or South”. These 4 cardinal points break the compass up into 4 quadrants which is named for winds in Hawaiʻi, Koʻolau is theNortheast quadrant and is named for the trade winds, Kona lies in the opposite direction and is the Southwest quadrant, Malanai is the Southeast quadrant, and Hoʻoluathe Northwest.The horizon of the compass is broken up into 32 houses, 4 of which are the cardinal points. Each house on the compass is positioned 11.25˚apart."

18 x 24 acrylic on canvas.

Every piece that sells for over $1,000 comes with two tickets and two meet & greet passes to any Slightly Stoopid headline show of choice, with the option to bring your new piece of art and get it signed by the band.

Highest Bid : $3,000.00 (10 bids)
Highest Bid By: jfraize
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