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Jack White | Ian Kinsler Special Edition Signed Owners' Bat Auction

It's been 3 years since musician Jack White, professional baseball player Ian Kinsler and artist Ben Jenkinsbecame business partners inWarstic Sports Inc.

Since then, we've had a lot to be grateful for with 3 years of 100% growth for Warstic, the final show of Jack White's world tour and Ian Kinsler winning the World Series! To celebrate what the last 3 years have brought, we gathered the Warstic Woodmen in Nashville fora sandlot baseball game to close out the 2018 season (undefeated record in tact).

Forthis Signed Special Edition bat we started with Jack White's personal model shape, added a black dip handle for Ian Kinsler's signature tape style and finished with agold barrel for the... Read more

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