*The Room, Berlin - Anna Morana Puppet*

An original prop of puppet / ghostly opera diva Anna Morana from The Room Berlin, recently voted by the TERPECA awards as the best escape room company in the world. This is a priceless object for any Escape Room fanatic or fan, a hand made puppet that's a part of Escape Room history. 

Anna Morana is the antagonist and ghostly presence in "Ghosthunter: Brandon Darkmoor," recently voted again by the TERPECA awards as one of the best games in the world. 

This puppet would be an asset to any lobby, wall or even living room, a beautiful adornment which will delight and terrify young and old alike. 


Germanys unique immersive experience

An internship with the famous ghost hunter Brandon Darkmoor – that was your plan. You didn’t expect to be sent off to a case on your first day though. In the past, the building of „THE ROOM“ was part of the Carl Bonhof clinic. This asylum experienced a horrible fire in 1987. Everybody survived – except for one person. The former opera singer Anna Morana haunts the basement ever since. Can you help her soul to find eternal peace?

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