*Buy A Personalised Video Message from a Bewilder Box Character*

You are bidding on A Personalised Video Message from a Bewilder Box character  (D.A.V.E. Dr Banana or Dr Boffin) pay whatever you like!  For this item, any bid will buy you a peronalised message!

D.A.V.E. (the Data Analysing Virtual Entity) is a sassy floating head who functions as the Bewilder box hint system. Dr Boffin and Dr Banana are a pair of idiot scientists that work at the initiative.

Description (Note this is not an auction, this is pay what you want with an unlimited quantity):

Bewilder Box will be donating personal recorded messages from D.A.V.E. for… well whatever you want them for. Birthdays, death threats, congratulations, proposals, it's all fair game.

These will be offered on a 'pay what you like' basis and we'll make as many as we have requests for, so whatever amount you have to donate (big or small)

Message will be uploaded via video software ready for you to download with your private access code within one month of auction end (by 23rd January '22)




Kindly donated by Dave and Dave and DAVE from Bewilder Box

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Value: Priceless
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