Parlour Tapes+ Bundle

Have you considered that you really need more cassette tapes? Parlour Tapes+ is a Chicago-based experimental label that puts musicians in collaboration with artists to create unique tape-objects. Bid on three of the label's most-loved cassettes:

  • Diligence is to Magic as Progress is to Flight, by Katherine Young, Austin Wulliman, and Ensemble Dal Niente, designed by Molly Scranton. Features a handmade bow with latex house paint.
  • High Quality Final Days, by Sam Scranton, designed by Oli Watt. Audio cassette embedded in a cement-lined VHS cassette tape shell.
  • Inventions, by Mabel Kwan and Danny Clay, designed by Andrew and Hannah Barco. A tiny clavichord finished in wood vaneer with balsa wood legs.

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Value: $45.00
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