Path for Life Online Nourishment Program

Change the way you eat with the 9-step course that will transform your relationship with food. It integrates the 3-key elements for sustainable change: food-knowledge, mindfulness and habit-shifting.

Healthy is not a destination, it is a journey. It is how we live and make choices, how we play and how we work, It is how we rest and how we perform and thrive every day.

Unfortunately for many, health is more of an on-or-off kind of thing. When we learn how to use food as a tool for our daily well-being and as our medicine for taking charge of our future health, we thrive. When we learn how to use mindfulness in an active, engaged way, our choices change. When we learn to change our habits in a sustainable way, our life changes.

Founder of Path for Life Jeanette Bronee's online course is built on the work she has done through 15 years with thousands of client one-on-ones. It is like working with her in person, just without her in the room. She will be in the words and behind all the tips and tools cheering on you. She will be "there" when you cook, because the recipes are so simple that anyone can do it.

And every step, all 9 of them, you will hear Jeanette's voice telling you to keep going, because health is the mastery of nourishment, and we all deserve to find our way.

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