#02 Moroccan Lounge | Bar x Sobu


This piece was designed in partnership by BAR Architects | Interiors and SOBU Oakland, a furniture design showroom focusing on wood, metal, and upholstery.

For our Chairity entry, keeping this year's theme "Give TwoDay, Change TwoMorrow" in mind, we thrifted a pair of Moroccan screens, wondering what design we could GIVE to change our TOMORROW. We thought about themes of material reuse, and of the issues that we feel need changing in the Bay Area. Homelessness is a problem which can be helped through material reuse and furniture design, and which kept coming up in our brainstorming sessions.

If this past year has shown us anything it's that we all need rest. The homeless most of all, since changing and unsure living conditions, and unfriendly streets and cities, keep the homeless constantly on the move. We have designed a lounge out of our thrifted screens which could be potentially replicated, one which could be packed down and easily moved if necessary.

The screens are very beautiful but the idea is that our daybed could be replicated with humbler materials, if even $100 is out of the budget. Hinges and clever design elements allow the daybed to collapse for ease of transportation. We have created a beautiful design piece upon which to rest but which we hope would be accessible to many.


$250 Flat fee local Bay Area delivery

Send us message if you are not local and would like a shipping estimate: adargence@bararch.com 

Dimensions: 73”W x 28”D x 38”H




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